This is a sarcastic question which illustrates that often are more prejudiced without knowing it .. but most important is learning to recognize the prejudices and so we manage them?

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I appreciate you are making a point about prejudice but your question is not actually related to the disintegration of atoms, and appears to be a personal statement anyway, rather than a genuine question. Many people find this site through internet searches and we do not wish to confuse them with misleading questions. Thanks.

(01 Sep '10, 05:47) Barry Allen ♦♦

ok, I think this was the best answer to my question. thanks

(01 Sep '10, 12:15) Robert
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On a scientific level, I wouldn't have a clue - but I get where you're coming from.

Prejudice is a learned behaviour that is often ingrained from a young age. It works adjacent to the whole concept of having to be right or superior to others. The more we grow spiritually, the more aware we become of those prejudices that sometime lurk below the surface and which we often have a hard time admitting to.

However, until we do so we will continue to let toxic thoughts and poisonous emotions run our life. Being willing and responsible enough to look at these prejudices and create enough awareness to realize we are all One will help work miracles for both us and those we previously,wrongfully judged.


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I think the worst of prejudices is not recognizing that we have and take that pose of superiority that some people adopt. And like you, also I think they are learned behaviors, that with proper guidance, we can handle them healthy.thanks again Michaela

(01 Sep '10, 02:20) Robert

I grew up with a lot of ingrained prejudices, passed to me from my extended family, the culture of the neighborhood I grew up in and even taught to me from my school-teachers sometimes. I have honestly shed most of them once I became an adult and don't look back on them or believe them any more since they have been proven wrong. I don't think it's hard to shed a prejudice, if one has an open mind and is willing to change.


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I think all we have somehow grown up with some kind of prejudice. But I think also that not everyone has the desire to eliminate them, and only when they affect us directly, is when we realize how harmful they can be.thanks for your comment

(01 Sep '10, 02:10) Robert
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