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Ever since i learnt about Law of attraction and started to observe beautiful/magical things in my life, i also came up with lot of seemingly impossible desires manifest. Or the ones i never had belief but it happened.

I thought it will be cool for inspiration if each of us gave some account from our own life.

I will go first!

i grew up in 3rd world country. As a kid getting car was a lifetime dream. Meaning at that point in time there was a high likelihood i would never end up with a car in my whole life since only the real super rich people had cars. Middle class people never had a car whole life. Maybe a bike at best.

I remember one time when i was a kid and i went in a luxury car of a very rich kid and i could even now go into my feeling of how total wonderstruck i was - watching the automatic seat belts, power windows. Whoa!

it juiced me up as a kid - like if only i can have such a car.

Fast forward life 10 yrs, i moved to USA and graduated and was driving sports car BMW convertible. and then went on to drive an amazing fully loaded SUV. etc etc. That car was only a datsun. Universe answered my call 100 times better! lol

This if you had told to that kid - it would be the wildest dream and it just was not there in his reality at all. its like waving a magic wand.

I know this above thing maybe not much for someone who always had a car and car is not a fascination for me too now. But trust me its no less than a Magic wand being waved. I thought this will be fun exercise as all of us will remember and be grateful for a magical moment in our lives!!

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Barry Allen ♦♦

It is too bad the body of this question deals with the law of attraction. I could have shared plenty of amazing and miraculous things that happened and I have done. None of it involving LOA.

(19 Apr '13, 15:55) Wade Casaldi

@Wade - you could still share it!!

i am not sure why they closed this. If this forum ONLY for questions??

it would be nice to share magical moments since it helps us to re-inforce by remembering it. And then it also inspires seeing others stories too. I hope this is opened back again. Or it would be good if InwardQuest allows another section where we can share stories, also create some challenges among ourselves for manifestions etc... anyway no worries.

(19 Apr '13, 17:06) abrahamloa

The question seems adequately covered at one of the duplicate questions. Folks can share any new experiences on one of those questions.

(19 Apr '13, 17:34) Vesuvius

No mine can't they are more on thought power and incidences that I experienced, nothing to do with manifesting.

(19 Apr '13, 17:43) Wade Casaldi

If I feel up to it later, I'll write a question where people can share stories about real miracles, mind power, incredible incidences. Stuff experienced and achieved that is super-natural. Angels, healing, bi-location etc...

No manifesting LOA stories, that has been done on here a lot.

(19 Apr '13, 18:00) Wade Casaldi

This question is unique as it addresses things "that seem to touch on the impossible"; none of the other threads ask for this specifically. I think this is an important question as too often the law is "proved" through very mundane, easily explainable experiences, so it becomes easy to doubt it.

(19 Apr '13, 20:44) flowsurfer

thx flowsurfer! you are right! i did not notice that... yes i am not talking about parking space ... lol... something BIG !! :-)

(19 Apr '13, 20:53) abrahamloa

@lozenge123 Saves the day! lol

At least saved me from writing a duplicate question myself. ;-)

Now to see if and what I may have already answered it.

(19 Apr '13, 21:20) Wade Casaldi
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