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Can I manifest for some other person instead of for myself?

Can we put requests in the "Manifesting Box" for other people?

What would be the best methods in applying the Law Of Attraction in the service of helping others?

I was just wondering because I made a few requests a while back to help some family members. I was told that I can only help myself and no one else with LOA. I don't know if this is true. I want to test it out and see what happens. Examples:

Requesting that a sick person get well

Requesting that Good things happen in the world

Making the world a better place ect... the list goes on

I would like to change my beliefs to more positive ones. Any Feedback?


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Jacob Ford

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Wade Casaldi

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@JacobFord, my personal take on this is yes, you can use LOA for other people. You just have to own what you want, for instance, there are times when my husband wants something but can't let go of the resistance. I secretly say to the Universe (without discussing it with my husband) that I want my husband to have that thing - so now the Universe is answering a request for me and not necessarily my husband. Let's say if your mom is ill (God forbid), tell the Universe you want to have a well mom - in other words, the Universe is answering a request for you and not for your mom, and see yourself doing things with your well mom - feel the well being - I believe anything is possible as long as we trust that the Universe will deliver what we ask for.

Some time ago my dad got diagnosed with failing kidneys and was informed by his doctors that he had to start dialysis. This wasn't very good news for me as my mom passed from failed kidneys. This was before I knew LOA, so I prayed while crying and every emotional, I asked God to fix this for ME, it wasn't about my father having to give up his resistance to try to get better but a request from ME to the Universe - in other words the Universe had to make MY dad well again, the next morning my dad called me and told me that he wanted to go see a particular herbalist, I knew this was the answer, my dad has been fine since then, still doing his herbal treatment but no dialysis.

I can't answer the part about good things happening in the world or making the world a better place. I think you can only make those things happen in YOUR world, and as long as they're happening in YOUR world then the world HAS become a better place - since other people will have very different ideas of what they consider to be good things or a better world.

I hope you understand what I've written and that it helps you in some way.

with love... Moonwillow


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Excellent answer MoonWillow! Now if this were in answer to my question "What would be the best methods in applying the Law of Attraction in the service of helping others." I'd give you best answer. :-)

(15 May '13, 21:45) Wade Casaldi
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