After coming across a lot of books, most of them seem to state that most negative states of health actually stems from the mind.

If that is the case, how do we explain someone who tends to fall sick more easily due to being in the rain, standing in the sun for long periods of time or not drying yourself properly after being drenched and then staying a air-conditioned room(that kind of thing)? I'm sure you've had these kind of experiences before. So why is then that we tend to fall sick more easily under such circumstances from a spritual point of view?

asked 17 Sep '10, 12:31

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I'd like to add that I haven't always been living the most healthy lifestyle (although I have been improving on that in the last years), but I almost never catch any cold or temperature. I go outside with wet hair when it's cool weather and all (I never blow-dry), occasionally use crowded subways in winter times etc...

Maybe the reason is that I have learnt to not really believe in every mainstream myth out there of how infections come about, so it is possibly a mind-thing. I have also become careful and sensitive enough that whenever I really should come to feel a slight scratchy feeling in my throat, I'm going to drink something hot and eat something rich of vitamins and it instantly goes away.


answered 18 Sep '10, 13:55

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Health is a condition of wellness brought about by balance and harmony with one's environment. Consequently, anything that upsets that balance can cause dis-ease. From a spiritual perspective, the goal is to align with those things that promote health.

It's tempting to believe that we can "think our way into health." Certainly that is an important first step, and having beliefs that promote health are also extremely important. The mind has a powerful influence over the body.

But sometimes you just need to get out of the rain.


answered 17 Sep '10, 15:53

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Agreed! Profound answer. Sometimes you do need to get out of the rain. The mindset of a well being.

(20 Sep '10, 19:56) GS415

There is a direct correlation between what we think and our health. I believe that by maintaining a positive frame of mind most of the time, one can drastically reduce the chances of getting sick. Most people wait until they get sick and then start to apply positive thinking. But if you stay positive all the time you are less likely to become sick. I very seldom catch a cold or the flu and even if I do it only lasts like a day or 2days. I manage my health by being very conscious of my thoughts and my body. If I feel any hint of tension or pain, I immediately check in on my thoughts to see if I am in alignment with Source energy because I feel that is how we are informed that we are out of alignment. It sounds like a lot of work to be so focused all the time but if you practice it, eventually it becomes the norm.


answered 17 Sep '10, 16:24

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I concur and have the same experience. In addition, the moment I notice the beginning of a cough or sore throat I ingest a tablespoon of Colloidal Silver. Two or three times at the very outset of any such ailment, accompanied by a strong belief that the silver works results in the non-development of said ailment :-)

(18 Sep '10, 04:57) Eddie
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