This question was inspired from daniele's question about sexual desire:

I remember reading a story book that stated:

a man who only looks at females sexually, is "dead inside"

In my personal experience I have felt most alive with the absence of sexual thought/energy when socializing with females, so the above statement runs true with me.

How does this work? Is lust fear and a low energy?

asked 20 Sep '10, 18:52

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Barry Allen ♦♦

There is no difference between sexual energy and spiritual energy.

Whatever lack-filled judgements people wish to place on how that energy manifests in their lives is what causes the's nothing to do with the energy itself.

If you feel freer (more alive) when you leave the sexual aspect out of it, don't you think that could be caused by that mental shift causing some release in a resistant attitude you may have towards sexuality, rather than anything inherently bad in sexuality itself?


answered 20 Sep '10, 20:40

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@Stingray:good point.

(20 Sep '10, 21:01) Back2Basics

Yeah! There is no difference between the sexual and spiritual energies. They are all very important forces.

(22 Sep '10, 18:34) MUHD

Personally, I like looking at beautiful women. It is like looking at pieces of art. However, not all stir a sexual desire in me. Males on average have sexual thoughts every so many seconds. That would mean they think about it all the time, watch out ladies. Not sure this means they are dead inside, sounds normal.


answered 20 Sep '10, 20:03

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@RPuls: what does normal mean to you?

(20 Sep '10, 21:11) Back2Basics
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