Stingray and many others claim this "If you can imagine it, you can manifest it" rule of a thumb.

Theoretically, YES I Agree... but is there any evidence on things considered to be MIRACLOUS? Like changing your genetics so much, that your bones & muscles shape change, incl. facial structure?

I heard that beliefs play a big role here. Even if it's true, would an individiual be able to create a belief so strong like "I KNOW IT WORKS" without seeing any proof? If so, HOW? I like all the Abrahams claims. (lets name it this way for now) Although, i want to believe in it, some doubts still show up, especially in influencing cells part. They reveal the greatest "knowledge", but they don't apply it? I mean this message over the messenger statement. What is the point of the message, when it is not used?? Jerry passed away, although as Abe claims with LOA and the stuff they teach, he could easily cure that disease of his, and maybe he would still be with us. What do you think?

Losing weight is bit different, you don't necessarily need to consciously know about the LOA.

Stories are nice and empowering, but a real pic, video would be even more, and I really don't see why NOT to share stuff like this, which could GREATLY help others.

asked 23 Jun '13, 06:37

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right now flying in a plane is a miracle if you just go back few hundred yrs in life. Cell phone and live tv are in essense like a psychic telling you whats going and what they hear. These are all absolute miracles but you have accepted them as norm. Man has broken lot of physical barriers too in athletics that were once considered impossible.

(25 Jun '13, 14:58) abrahamloa

if you look at your life from when you were young i am sure you haev things or events happened that you thought were not possible but of course later we rationalize them.

(25 Jun '13, 14:59) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa true indeed. Maybe in this, or next century physical changes with pure mind power will be totally normal. :)

(25 Jun '13, 15:52) petike1

physical changes are possible even now in cosmetic surgery.. but usually the question to be asked is - why do i need these physical changes?? to give confidence? feel worthy?? whats the reason behind it? And you can be those w/o physical change too.. so its better to go after that feeling you want ... the rest will fall in place..

(25 Jun '13, 20:16) abrahamloa
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I find the law of attraction to be more of a "circumstance attractor" rather than a "reality modifier", although the eventual "reality modification" is brought about by the attracted circumstances (if they are within the possibility of your lifetime).

So if you "really, really, really" focus upon and "live" the state of mind of having achieved a genetic modification to your body or your muscles & facial features, you may not experience the miracle of transformation; instead you may come upon TV, Newspaper and Magazine ads from plastic surgeons promising the results that you are envisioning.

What people don't realize is that the loop of focus & attraction is complete when the information or the "means of achieving it" begin to cross paths with your now moment.

From energy point of view, when the information is available to your "consciousness" the attraction is complete.

You may however, decide that the energy version of the attraction is not satisfactory and choose to attract a more "physical" version of your attraction.

You can keep doing this again and again until a physical version of your attraction is intersecting with your now moment.

However, you will have to put forth "effort" in terms of time, money, etc.

If you understand it as energy, you will understand that simply asking such a question and getting an answer as a result is a "PHYSICAL ATTRACTION" of that which you are currently focusing on.

If that above statement is not satisfying your question, I am sorry to say that you cannot find what you are looking for within the answers and statements of others.

You "inner self" is asking such questions, not so that you can arrive at an answer by debating and analyzing what others have said.

You are supposed to work it out within yourself and arrive at an inner knowing on what "attraction" really means.

You have to work out what this means to YOU and how you understand it.

Because you will only trust that which you understand within yourself.

In the bigger picture, all these questions and answers are meaningless to the one who begins to ask questions.

Each of us is an individual point of reference of creative attraction, within a common source of consciousness.

The source that feeds others minds is the same source from which your own ideas emerge.

Your doubt of what others have said did not awaken within you so that you could warn the others of this apparent error; It was meant for you to put effort towards finding out for yourself what is possible and what is not, with regards to consciousness and attraction.

The miracles you speak of do exist in this reality.

However, their existence cannot be attracted with the power of doubt.

Only the observer has power.

As you observe the physical reality with sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound, you also observe the inner reality through listening and believing.

If that which you believe is a result of your five senses, you will forever be searching for something you cannot find.

If, however, you use your five senses to confirm or reject, that which you listened to "from within" you will arrive at your own working understanding of the power you possess including the "law of attraction".

But if you return to authenticating everything you know by comparing notes, you are denying the inner wisdom that is available to you in the absence of your inner chatter.


answered 23 Jun '13, 19:40

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The Traveller

that was a very powerful answer! i like your phrase ""circumstance attractor" rather than a "reality modifier""

(25 Jun '13, 14:55) abrahamloa

Wise Words

(23 Dec '15, 01:51) ele

I think this is a really interesting question.

I'm a pretty serious Abraham user, but I'm also a questioning person. So here is, for what it's worth (and it's totally okay with me if this answer does not work for you!) my current theory on this stuff. Let's say for a second that a person was in a serious accident, and has lost a foot, and that they want to use LOA to regrow that foot. Okay. In a technical sense, I believe that that is totally possible, that a person could have the right ratio of high desire and extremely low resistance, and that it could be done.

But in the reality of most peoples' lives, I think that's very, very unlikely to happen, regrowing a foot. For reasons that are not totally clear to me, I feel that Abraham kind of underplay how unlikely that kind of thing is. ("It is as easy to create a castle as a button." "If you can imagine it, you can manifest it." and so on.) I have a couple of theories about why this is:

*They are non-physical, so they are pure, positive energy. Maybe they are unwilling to talk to us about limits, or maybe they just can't perceive any limits from where they are, because none exist for them.

*Maybe they want our vibration to stay high and hopeful, instead of lower and full of "Well, I can't regrow a body part." limiting thinking.

*Maybe, from non-physical, the way we humans tend to perceive "reality" seems totally ridiculous. I think about this a lot. I think that maybe from non-physical, you don't really see a big difference between one person and another person, exactly, it's all just the flow of Source Energy focused in different hot spots. So maybe if you're Abraham, the question "How can I regrow a foot?" seems kind of ridiculous, because from their perspective, nothing has been lost, it's all One anyway.

Anyway, the thing that I have concluded is that physical reality is incredibly compelling. Even as I know that my laptop and my hands and the room I'm sitting in - and the people in my life - are all part of the one flow of Universal Energy, that there is no real difference between me and the couch I'm sitting on, that it's just how I'm focusing right now... well, it still seems real. It seems very, very real. And why shouldn't it? I chose to manifest physically in this lifetime, so my assumption is that my inner being/source chose to come play in this sandbox. It didn't choose to stay non-physical and have constant unlimited experiences. It choose to come be in a body and in a world where the vast majority of people agree on certain underlying beliefs (gravity is real, you can't regrow a foot, etc.) Maybe there is value to learning to work with LOA within limits, or to learn to push those limits?

Basically, my current feeling is that, if you were a person who lost a foot, it would be infinitely more possible for you to do the vibrational work to get to a place where you align with a really great prosthethis specialist, and they make you an amazing new foot that is just incredible, and so you eventually end up in a place where your lack of a foot impacts your life functionally not at all, and you don't really think about it.

I do think it is possible, as I said above, in a technical way, to regrow a limb, or change how tall you are, or whatever. But I think that because of the vibrations we've all been exposed to since before our births, it's probably pretty challenging for a person to get to the place of nonresistant, powerful desire about these topics. Not impossible, but probably extremely rare.

However, I think maybe this is part of the flow of evolution. If our imaginary person never makes peace with not having regrown a foot, and keeps pumping that longing out into the universe, surely that becomes part of a flow that later, when the resistant people have died, and new ones have been born, leads scientists to do things like develop biomedical 3D printing, and so forth? I am, for instance, 100% prepared to believe that within my lifetime, it will be possible to go to the dentist and get yourself a new tooth grown in a vat or made on a 3D printer, and it will be a perfect biological match to your body, literally your own tooth. Is that, or is that not, the same as regrowing your own tooth? I don't know, but I think it's probably an answer to a question that many humans have been asking for hundreds of years.

Thank you for asking this question! It's interesting to think about.

PS: re: Jerry - I may be the only person who felt this way, but when Jerry made his transition, I felt both sadness, and a little bit of confusion, but also a kind of relief. Because the first thing I thought was "If even Jerry, who had basically constant access to Infinite Intelligence, still had enough resistance that some bodily condition caused him to croak, maybe I can kind of let myself off the hook and just accept that physical reality is pretty freaking compelling, and just do the best I can to be happy anyway."


answered 25 Jun '13, 05:51

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Yesterday i watched What the bleep do we know: down the rabbit hole. It explains, that all these "impossible" things are possible on a subatomic level, however once an observer (you, or a measuring machine) is put in front of the experiment, the result changes. Maybe its our physical senses that are creating these limitations.

(25 Jun '13, 07:28) petike1

A very well thought out answer.

(23 Dec '15, 01:53) ele

I like the question. And I see the importance " manifestation" had to you....and me too I might add.

But I have another slant on this. If the visualisation/imagination gives you pleasure,joy or even some relief. Then its manifested some thing. Its manifested a mood or a feeling.

Focus blocks,scripting,imaginal acts,counting your blessings etc etc all manifest something very "REAL" .

When you do them to find a better feeling the physical evidence will appear. But you'll hardly even notice it. It will seem like its always been there or that its happened all on its own and would have done anyway.


answered 19 Aug '13, 02:41

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Monty Riviera

A little late to the party, but I wanted to answer: Yes, physical appearance change is possible. It's actually funny for me to use the world possible... I'd rather say obviously possible or even natural. I have changed my nose structure, eye color, grew height by about 1.5 inches and also increased my musculature. I could give you an answer as to how to do it, but that information is all on this website already, because manifesting physical change is just like manifesting anything else. Put simply: make peace with any resistance you have around your current appearance and then mold your expectation around your desired appearance.


answered 23 Dec '15, 20:19

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@petike1: I watched some videos that were suggesting the same thing. At the quantum level, its our perception that actually changes the behavior of the particles. Wayne Dyer explained the same thing in the "Power of intention" with the very simple: "when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change". He provided the same explanation of the quantum particle behavior. It really gave me goosebumps and i really think it's true. Another great scientist, Bruce Lipton in his book "The Biology of Belief" argues the same things...our perception (beliefs) shapes the reality that we experience. He also says that a changed perception can actually generate changes in our DNA structure...pretty cool stuff. Also, Gregg Braden, in one of his seminars showed a video of a healing that took place in China, in which a tumor dissipated in 3 min through the power of the feeling of 3 doctors. I am a pretty analytic person and ever since I saw these videos I don't doubt the power that we have.

Here are the videos that I mentioned: Wayne Dyer:

Bruce Lipton - The Bilogy of Belief:

Gregg Braden- The Divine Matrix:


answered 29 Jun '13, 18:33

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edited 29 Jun '13, 18:34

Chris77, thanks millions for these videos, especially Gregg's. And as he says, what i feel "in my heart" is so much more than gratitude. Many of my personal experiences confirm what he says and found an explanation at a deeper,more enlightening level than anything i came across and saved me from the loss of faith path i was on. I am sending you the most blissful vibes that i am capable of.

(18 Aug '13, 17:00) Aryanna

I'm so happy that you liked them. I totally understand what you mean, i felt the same way. Sending you back good vibes as well. :)

(30 Aug '13, 23:35) cris77
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