when i first realized i could sense another's emotions i was 10 it started with my dog skylee i use to have when ever her emotions were high like sad without making a sound i could sense it. it felt like a overwhelming sadness just hit me and i had to comfort the dog. it's only when it's anger or sadness do i feel these emotions my dad had severe depression and when ever i was around him it felt like a dark cloud was hovering over and it made me feel horrible as well. when i look into a persons/animals eyes i can read their emotions it's something about the eyes that helps me read emotions something so strong i don't know if i'm seeing the soul or what. there was a time when i was talking to someone and i felt an overwhelming feeling of jealousy and hatred coming from him i stopped talking and walked away. there's also been times where i looked into a persons eyes and seen the person was a jerk and tried telling people hey don't mess with him he's not right in the head and they come to find out he was a bad man or she was a bad women. does this have to do with my sixth chakra the third eye psychic abilities and such just curious. i can also sense energies and see spirits a little bit but i wrote about that one on another question.

asked 25 Jun '13, 15:55

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