About the subconscious:

That is EXACTLY the area that is responsible for you emanating and broadcasting a specific vibratory frequency (spiritual communication) which is attracting to you those very things that you are asking for through that vibration! It is NOT the conscious or physical communication process that is responsible for you receiving (or not) that which you desire.


OK so then how can we go on to say?:

You only need to become conscious or aware of that process and the Law Of Attraction will see to it that it is manifest and that you experience it!

I am confused, if it is subconscious, then what does it matter if we are consciously aware of it or not??

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The LOA operates whether you are conscious of it or not. And it is true that the subconscious is the transmitter. But, the conscious mind is the watch-guard for the subconscious mind. Whatever the conscious mind accepts and let in to the subconscious is what it it going to react to. Negative or positive!!!

You have to ensure that only positive thoughts and desires are sent to the subconscious mind in a positive way. It is the conscious mind that has the job of reason. Example: Say you want to lose weight. If you consciously keep thinking, I am fat I want to lose weight, I am fat I want to lose weight, I am fat... This is a negative affirmation. All the subconscious hears is I am fat!!!

So your conscious mind must make it in to a positive affirmation, such as, I want to have a normal appetite! I want to be slender. Both of these are positive. This positive affirmation must be thought about all the time, with high desire, as if you already have it. Then the subconscious mind will breakdown the negative neuro-pathways and build new neuro-pathways sending out the right frequencies to manifest your desire.

Remember, it is the subconscious mind that keeps the body running on auto-pilot, heart beating, lungs breathing, body repairing, etc... So, if you consciously know about the LOA and how to use it correctly, you can manifest your desires in record speed, at a high frequency, and bring them in to your life faster!!

I hope this is beneficial to you and answers your question.

Blessed be, Randal


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Randal Brown

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How do you drive a car?

Well, you say, I get in, turn the key, press on the pedals and steer with the wheel.

OK, but how?

When you first learned how to drive a car, there were a hundred little details you had to keep track of all at the same time. Check the mirror, signal (or indicate, for those of you on the other side of the pond), press on the gas but not too much, wait until the traffic is clear. Don't press on the gas and the brake at the same time. Don't drive too fast. Do you remember the experience? God help you if you had to learn in a car with a clutch.

So why can you now drive a car, almost without thinking about it? Because the skill of driving a car is now internalized; it has become a part of you.

In effect, your subconscious now does much of the driving for you.


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For me the simplest answer is that you need your conscious to imprint your subconscious. The sub does not make decisions it just "does" so you have to teach it with thoughts.

Much love!


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jim 10

Hi, maybe you are confused because you do not understand how the creation process works. Creation is a conscious process created out of the unconscioius and not the other way around. The unconscious part of us is the part that is connected to the source energy.


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As Randal so rightly pointed out the conscious mind informs the subconscious which then acts on what it has been told. The important thing to remember is that the subconscious does not filter or analyze what it has been told. Therefore it does not differentiate between negative or positive but takes as gospel what it has been told by the conscious mind and manifests from that.

This is why it is so important to uncover those limiting beliefs and replace them with new ones - to reprogram the subconscious, and then the LOA works in your favor.


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