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I thought this latest video from Wendy Kennedy ( "The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective" ) might be useful to post here.

It's an explanation of why many people might be feeling "stuck" in their lives at this time and what to do about it.

In a nutshell, she (quoting the Pleiadian Collective) is saying we are now (post-2012) running a new vibrational "operating system" these days and we are still coming to terms with how it works.

Regular recalibration of your vibrational output will prove valuable to you at this time and she is suggesting checking up on yourself at regular intervals throughout the day (every 15 minutes for 3 hours a day) to find out how you are really feeling.

I like checking in on Wendy Kennedy's channelings of "The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective" from time to time because they are effectively "news reports" of the current vibrational conditions around Earth.

They've been remarkably accurate with their predictions in the past. For example: Solar Flares - Feb/Mar 2012: A chance to check a precise channelled prediction

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I guess one check per 3 hours when I'm alone, and I don't have talk, listen, look, meet or in any way interact with any member of human race will do. Just to remind myself of that eternal bliss I feel at such moments. =)

(30 Aug '13, 10:16) CalonLan

@CalonLan - "...and I don't have talk, listen, look, meet or in any way interact with any member of human race will do" - Judging from the number of posts you've made here recently, I'm guessing you don't think that any of us on IQ are members of the human race then ;)

(30 Aug '13, 11:18) Stingray

Some people here channel other beings, who knows whether it just isn't other way around, other being channeling human beings into this reality. LoL =)

(30 Aug '13, 20:32) CalonLan

@Stingray This has answered a question I have recently been thinking about, feeling that things that used to work are no longer working - thank you for posting. One thing I am confused about ... the momentum they talk about here - how does this relate to what Abraham refers to as "the stream"?

(31 Aug '13, 06:15) Catherine

@Catherine - Different channeled teachings cater for different belief systems (otherwise there would only be one set of teachings that everyone agrees upon) so it's a little tricky trying to fit an analogy from one set of teachings into another set of teachings. I'll have a think about how to explain it simply and get back to you

(02 Sep '13, 18:29) Stingray

What does it mean to check ourselves? How do we do that ?

(03 Sep '13, 04:13) Marin

@Marin, I think it means to be conscious of what you're thinking at the moment - are you thinking something positive or are you thinking something negative. If it's negative then make a conscious effort to get to a better feeling place because the negative thoughts and emotions are what slow down the pace of your manifestations... in a nutshell

(03 Sep '13, 10:08) MoonWillow
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Here is an interview with the 9D PC where this is discussed in more detail

Edited 12 Jan 2014: Please see the Higher Frequencies website ARCHIVES section for a look ahead to 2014

Edited 31 March 2014: Slightly off the main topic, but a really interesting look at the next few years from Barbara Marciniak.

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love the definition of channeling by Wendy Kennedy "bringing in energy and translating it into a recognizable form; speaking, dancing, writing, drawing or any other creative expression. We all do it throughout the day without being conscious of it ... choose your station and turn up the volume" :)

(12 Jan '14, 05:27) jaz

@jaz Thanks so much for highlighting that!

(12 Jan '14, 06:44) Catherine

@Catherine - Thanks for this. Some interesting insights in that interview especially the bits about how we're all heading towards a manifest-instantly-on-demand reality :)

(19 Jan '14, 06:28) Stingray

@Catherine Thank you for sharing. I've also purchased the "Weekly Messages" book that you've mentioned somewhere. It's great :).

(19 Jan '14, 07:48) releaser99

@Stingray Great that you have amended the title - I was thinking it was a shame for this to be over-looked with a 2013 tag on it as the information contained in it continues to be highly relevant. Manifesting on demand - when I hear that (and many are commenting on it) it gives me a great incentive to check in with myself and just be a bit more disciplined about where I am vibrating - bit scary though.

(20 Jan '14, 07:41) Catherine

@releaser99 Yes, the Ken and the Guys book - (Interview with Spirit - Weekly Messages) Thanks for mentioning that.

(20 Jan '14, 07:47) Catherine

@Catherine, @Stingray, @releaser99 - Many thanks for all of this valuable information which I had missed all those months ago. Looks like it's time to revisit the Pleadians. :) ...By the way, did anyone notice the new entity Wendy Kennedy is channeling, the 12th Dimensional "Ramshi"? I could find no information on this entity beyond the few statements/passages quoted by the entity itself on her website...

(20 Jan '14, 15:53) lozenge123

@Lozenge123 I can't remember whether it was Wendy or Nora Herold (who also channels the Ps) saying that as we move into the 4D and 5D so they move up a couple of notches too so the 9D becomes the 12D (don't ask me what happened to 10D and 11D!) so maybe Ramshi is part of that. Perhaps someone with more knowledge can put me straight on this ... I always find Wendy's channellings to be very easy to put into practice. Other channellers are interesting but I just don't retain it and use it.

(27 Jan '14, 09:15) Catherine
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Thanks for the video, it is very interesting and enlightening. I have been feeling really stuck for quite some time now, but I did feel an energy change around the end of 2012 and am manifesting some synchronicities and changes in interactions with others. On one level I know my energy is changing. But I've been really overshadowed recently with old beliefs and emotions attached to them, particularly one which says, "You're not doing enough, there's more you should be doing". The other main stuck thing is a feeling that I want to cry, my chest feels heavy almost all the time along with a feeling of deep loneliness. Viewing the video and suggestions, I agree that "recalibrating" which I take to mean getting a grip on what's really happening and letting go of those not-useful thoughts and feelings, seems to help. What I don't get is, why do we have to do this so much? If we got a new operating system, why didn't we get some software or guidance to help? I have been searching for an answer for these stuck issues and I wonder if we aren't still clearing old stuff. Otherwise it doesn't really make sense to me. I would really like to read what others think about this, about feeling stuck and what you think it is, how you're dealing with it. I'm glad it came up, because I've read other information which indicated that now we should be able to manifest things more easily and quickly and have been puzzled that many things have not changed, which is not my preference. With heart, Charlotte


answered 16 Sep '13, 18:53

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I think you answered your own question.. Read your answer again..

(17 Sep '13, 02:41) ele

@ele: Which part? That we are still clearing old stuff? C

(17 Sep '13, 15:34) Mauihorsegal
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