I've been practicing LOA since past two years. I've made many demands too. One of them was a black Hyundai Santa Fe. It's been 2 years since I submitted that desire to Universe. Meanwhile I attracted smaller things like travel, books, gadgets etc. So I know LOA works. So where the heck is my SUV? And trust me I've done anything from Finding the Feeling Place, Asking and then leaving it to manifest. There are no negative beliefs and I trust it'll come. If like traditional goal-setting I'd have done it, I'd have 2 Santa Fes by now. You know the good old Caption Spock logical planning and implementing, I'd have done it by now. So isn't the LOA wasting my time and stopping me from being whoever I can be if I work methodically without waiting for inspired action? I mean if I stay happy now which I'm always in varying degrees, and expect it then it'll happen. In simple words doesn't LOA states that eventually if you wait it'll happen. Big whoop, right? I repeat I'm not attached to that SUV otherwise I wouldn't have waited 2 years. So if I'm doing everything right, what's wrong with Universe? It's like waiting for a CK underwear. I want it now and universe says: eventually it'll happen, meanwhile don't go swimming in public places.

asked 12 Sep '13, 02:32

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Pankaj Pal


pankaj pal, perhaps the universe is not impressed with the self-centeredness of your desire

(12 Sep '13, 05:41) fred

If you're not attached to that SUV why you're asking about it? Foul mouth...LOL

(12 Sep '13, 07:09) CalonLan

@Pankaj Pal- Whilst it is obvious to many of us, it may not be obvious to you- asking "where is it" is the same as awaiting on results and thus basing your mood levels upon outer results. Hopefully, possibly, perhaps, you'll see you can be happy without anything besides the choice.

(12 Sep '13, 20:53) Nikulas

@Pankaj Pal- in vibrations you have received your car.....

(13 Sep '13, 00:46) Zee
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"There are no negative beliefs" Oh Pankaj , I think there are.

If there were no negative beliefs you wouldn't have posted. If you had believed you had received this request you would have it. The only...and I mean only reason you've not manifested the SUV is that you havnt believed you've received it...or put another way your holding yourself apart from your request by being a mismatched vibration to it.

LOA is as ever working just fine, this world is faithfully mirroring your beliefs,attitudes, emotions and dominant thoughts.

If LOA (or as I prefer to call it the law of consciousness) isn't working for you then your the first person in the history of the universe to have this not operating perfectly in your life.

The worlds a mirror of your consciousness, the mirrors working perfectly, work on the person in front of the mirror and you will manifest perfectly .

Like you ive been blaming the " system" for years. Im as guilty of this as anyone on this site!

Ps The SUVs location ...its as real as you are and its waiting for you!


answered 12 Sep '13, 10:08

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Monty Riviera

edited 12 Sep '13, 10:12


monty, perhaps the earth and the universe is of a Divine Plan. yet man in his uninfinite ignorance dances around as the emperor with no close, having his brain tell him he is suited excellently

(12 Sep '13, 19:19) fred

Perhaps your right Fred!

(13 Sep '13, 04:48) Monty Riviera
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