i am 21 years old 5'2 inches..all my life i have wanted a good height.. i tried exercises medicines hypnosis etc etc nothing worked.. i am a staunch follower of LOA. and i have manifested quite a few things...i have a loving boyfriend and he is 5'11.. our couple looks a bit odd of this height mismatch... has anyone on this community grown taller using LOA or hypnosis or any particular meditation..?? once i read a post of a guy growing taller he had also provided his email but now i cannot find it... i hav tried all imagining myselff growing taller writing it on a paper..asking out the universe..feeling positive and happy about my body etc etc.. i felt that i hav grown a bit taller but i hadnt.. any suggestions...or anyone who has grown taller could please post his method over here.. i hav searched stories on the secret website but non of them have posted any method.. i wish to grow atleast 4 inches more.. i have been able to grow spiritually due to LOA... but this is something i am not able to cope up with..please help

asked 08 Dec '13, 09:44

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