I can accept that any knowledge we have is subject to possible revision upon the discovery of new information. With that in mind, it is safe to say that the science of evolution explains the process governing the development of all the creatures we see living on earth today. There is, however, information that suggests that humans developed into what we are today, because at some point in the process, our genetic blueprints were altered by extraterrestrial influences. The evidence, reasons, and outcome of these actions are not relevant to this particular question. It is sufficient to say that regardless of how exactly we became the sentient physical Human beings we are, at some point we came to the attention of another kind of being, one that has been in existence long before man began his evolutionary journey.

These beings are in essence pure energy. Energy that is conscious, aware, and imbued with characteristics that would later be defined form a human perspective as personality. We call these beings "Souls" or "Spirits". A vast civilization of these energy essence personalities (souls) are all born into individuality from one original Source Energy Being. The existence, purposes, descriptions and attempts to understand this Source has been the goal of all religions. Their speculations about the Source being, whether grounded in reality or colorful imagined fantasy, would ultimately become the foundations for what humans have become, our institutions, systems and lifestyles.

This all began when the "Soul" civilization decided to form a symbiotic relationship with humans as they had with other similar species throughout the universe. We cannot deny that this has been a relationship beneficial to both Humans and Souls. We provide them a way to accelerate the growth of their young to help them along the path they are destined to follow in their own evolution as infinitely creative beings, Their creative powers are limited only by the degree, of what our sense experience describes, as the feeling of unconditional love. No doubt, there are numerous benefits to our human self. However, from the perspective of the conscious ego mind, those benefits may not be so apparent or important. It is tasked with the survival and maintenance of the most evolved creature on this planet. From my perspective as its Ego, It is my Vessel. I am it's pilot. At least that's what I thought till it became clear that there was another presence here, one that had the power to override my directions, forcing me to relinquish control over this Rolls Royce of robots to somebody my ego buddies called a soul. Well guess what Senior Soul or whatever you call yourself, I do not recall being consulted about playing host to some celestial child.

And so begins the struggle between the Ego Hosts and Invader Souls. It is different for every Ego. Some learn that the pros outweigh the cons and are able to accept the soul even forming a friendship, sharing relationship. Others allow it so long as the soul shows respect for their beautiful vessel. Some egos fight it and do whatever they can to remain in control. It is a conflict that each individual ego and soul must deal with. How it gets resolved for, better or worse largely depend on how the soul responds to the behavior of the host. It may take hundreds, even thousands of incarnations for some souls to learn to live in perfect harmony with their ego hosts, and to understand that it is this relationship that is the measure of their growth from that of an arrogant infant invader to becoming a loving lifelong companion and friend.

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I wonder how you feel when you realize that you transcend the soul as well?

(05 Apr '14, 13:46) Roy
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perhaps mankind is a stage
in creation, one that brings
form and spirit together,
each with its own history


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Fred--You "slay" me with your brief but so apt comments. This one is again, priceless.

(05 May '14, 08:45) Noel

This question is all about a situation in which a person has to choose between two equally unsatisfactory alternatives ... it's a double bind question, a negative loop, a satisfactory positive answer is impossible


alt text


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My answer is "NO." We are all One, there is no Soul, no Ego, no extraterrestrials, no humans, no outside civilization, no separation. We are One.


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Beach Baby

So since we are all "one" that means it is ok for us to take whatever we want?

(13 Apr '14, 20:07) arpgme

from the ego. I would say that it is you that sometime would see it the ego as a parasite when it takes over and you did not want it to take over. if I would compare the ego to a watch dog to protect your physicality as long at it is doing its job no problem. the problem is when you start to believe that it is you and kill other for money power etc... or in less extreme case when you react with impulsivity and do harm to other when you would not have want to do that. the dog the defense mechanism was in control and you regret what happen and would do other wise if you add the chance. example you might not have been that angry and scream at ___ or hit __ if you would have been calm and took control of the dog.


as long as it serve is function and take over only when needed and you remain in control it is good. when you lose control and it takes over then you have a problem to deal with. In this world you will see many owner of dog with different level of control some that their dog can play with other dog with out having to fight some other that sometime fear react impulsively panic and fight and some that always fear always rage and always fight. the same can be said about the soul and the ego for human beings who is in control?



Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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