I just want to pick the brain of others. Has anyone who has a lot of experience with Faster EFT found a healing method that works better?

I have experience with EMDR, Hypnosis, EFT, WHEE, NLP, and Faster EFT, and so far I have found that Faster EFT works wonders. I have been at this for over 3 years now. I will share my story some other time. I feel that Faster EFT is far far superior to traditional EFT.

The funny thing is that when I found EFT which was before I found Faster EFT, I thought that EFT was a goldmine. Prior to EFT I had done EMDR which works well but EFT was easier and more gentle to use. I like how Faster EFT takes the best from several healing methods such as hypnosis, eft, nlp, and bsff.

However I also think that things should get better and we should improve the methods that we already have. I remember that I used to get upset when I would see variations of the original EFT because I felt that all of the variations were not as effective as the original, but Faster EFT was far more effective and much easier to use then standard EFT. The belief system and methodology of Faster EFT also made a lot more sense.

We would not have Faster EFT if Robert Smith didn't try to improve on EFT, and I think that it would be good if someone eventually discovers a method that surpasses Faster EFT.

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The existence we live in is made of thought, similar to dreaming but on a more substantial level of solidity. The possibilities we find relates to the amount of faith we hold in those possibilities. This comes with our level of evolution mentally of how much our thought influences existence. It may seem that thought is influencing existence stronger and faster all the time, however it is our perception of what we believe we are experiencing is speeding up.

The possibilities of instant results have always been there since time forgotten. This is because everything is thought. When Jesus healed people with just a touch or a women was healed just touching the hem of his robe he said, "Your faith has healed you."

The people believed so strong that they would be healed if only they were touched or could touch him. They set up this environment of possibility through their faith and so experienced exactly what they believed was possible.

I once got rid of deep depression by throwing it off of me. It was gone that fast! I just became sick of being depressed and said enough with this and threw it away.

As we awaken to the understanding of the existence environment we experience is a result of thought we will find better and faster ways of influencing the environment of experience until one day we realize we no longer need to, because we fully realize we are the captain of our own ship, we are the masters of our souls.


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Has anyone who has a lot of experience with Faster EFT found a healing method that works better?

I've built up a fair amount of experience with Faster EFT over the years - so I guess I fit into your category of potential answerers :) - and I continue to use it today when the situation is appropriate.

At it's more advanced levels, Faster EFT doesn't even using tapping at all so whether EFT is even an appropriate suffix for it is debatable. Perhaps he should just it call it Faster...if he can avoid getting beaten-up by Dwayne Johnson for copyright infringement :)

alt text

Coming to your question about whether there's anything that "works better" than it, it really depends on what your definition of "better" is :)

Controlling your thoughts, and thereby your accompanying emotions (i.e. controlling your focus), is always going to be "better" than any other possible method out there because that's what all the methods are trying to help you do. (There's a lot of material on Inward Quest aiming to do this in non-EFT ways).

But if people who needed "healing" were already able to control their focus to that extent, they wouldn't need "healing", if you see what I mean :)

So it's a trade-off between the requirements of the focusing method (i.e. healing method) and the effectiveness of the results of it.

Faster EFT can have quite a steep learning curve. I sat through 40-50 hours of watching Robert G Smith videos but that's because I like to make sure I've thoroughly understood the details of a method before using it. Other people could learn and apply Faster EFT in a few hours or minutes, depending on their prior understanding of similar material.

The kicker for me with Faster EFT is in the application time for the method. Unless you are doing a whole-life-clean-up, most results come in minutes, if not seconds.

So, for me at least, that kind of speed of result is good enough for me to not even consider whether there are "better" methods out there or not.

Perhaps there exist methods that can consistently reduce a few minutes of Faster EFT effort into one minute of effort, or even a few seconds of effort. But it's like trading off the (lower) audio quality of mp3s against the (higher) quality of an original digital audio track. For most people, listening to an mp3 (despite the lower quality) gets the job done :)


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Hi Stingray, in another post sometime back you gave two links to the Faster EFT courses you took - but those links are dead now. Would you mind giving the current links? Thanks a lot, as always.

(09 Oct '14, 08:40) cod2

@cod2 - Looking at his site, he doesn't seem to have the training courses available separately anymore. It was Training Seminars I, II & III as mentioned within the description here: http://www.fastereft.com/products/the-ultimate-training-course . Much within those courses is just demos/hands-on of the ideas. He could probably shrink them considerably and not lose anything important but one can still pick up valuable insights from watching him using the ideas on real people in the seminar.

(09 Oct '14, 08:53) Stingray

Thank you.

(09 Oct '14, 09:09) cod2
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I've used Emotrance recently. Found it very effective, although for some reason the website doesn't seem to be working at present. Emotrance.com I think it works similarly to EFT focus on your bodily sensations with a feeling.


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anybody has tried yuen method vs faster eft? which is better?I am focus on faster eft, but yuen method seem simple and fast. but I dont have opportunity to practice yuen method because people around me has been cure by faster eft. I think yuen method base on your instinct and intuitive to scan for weakness and strength, so no easy to master. yuen method seem capable to cure general health and issue than faster eft, what do you think?

I plan to use affirmation using yuen method, so I prepare 100 affirmation and read one by one using midline principle. I think I can install a lot of affirmation using this method faster. it is similar to THT affirmation from @ Fairy Princess. what do you think? any opinion? some time I combine faster eft and yuen method, like focus on the midline then finish with grab my hand and take a deep breath. or tapping like faster eft, and ended with focus on midline plus taking deep breath. on faster eft, I rarely using word like peace to end the tapping, after tapping a lot of people, I think the most important thing is A. after feel the emotion, the person must focus on the other subject (I am using wild/weird imagination like men wear bikini) similar like neutral line. B. Take a deep breath is a must. any opinion?


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Explore quantum touch, pendulum healing.For this you have to visit Eric hunter and Raymon Grace's websites.You may also explore biogeometry by Dr Ibrahim Karim.

(25 Apr '19, 12:55) Zee
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