A few days ago I had this obscure dream in which I observed two people fist-fighting. I couldn't see who they were, men, women or both because I could only see them from below the neck. They also wore pretty similar bulky clothing. They were beating each other pretty violently and the next thing that happened was that I woke up because I was feeling pain and discomfort all over my body. I thought it was because of a bad sleeping position and rolled on my back and since I was tired, I fell asleep again immediately. My dream continued where it had left off, the two kept fighting, I still couldn't make out their identities. At some point the dream just ended abruptly. No winners, no losers in the fight, it just ended. However, when I woke up in the morning, I felt sore and painful all over my body, especially in the stomach and chest area, like I had actually been fighting all night long. I used to do boxing a few years ago, so I know pretty well how it feels like getting beat up and this was precisely how I felt waking up after that dream. I felt bad all day but the next day it was like nothing had happened.

At first I put the dream off as just some weird coincidence but it got really creepy when I heard from my friend Laura that a former friend of mine, Mike, with whom I am no longer on speaking terms, had the same dream at the same night I did - he had also seen two fighters from a distance, but unlike me, he saw who they were - a man and a woman, roughly his age (we are almost the same age). He didn't have any aches or such after waking up but still, the dream was pretty much the same. Mike and I stopped talking a few weeks ago because we had a huge fight and we haven't contacted each other at all. It has been hard to accept this "break-up" because we were very close. He often stated that we were soul mates and meant to be but he decided to end our friendship because his girlfriend had a problem with us being so close (cannot really blame her). His decision came suddenly to me, I had no warning that this would happen, he just showed up and said that we will no longer meet or talk or anything. In that way, I have no closure because I did not get to prepare for a goodbye.

Hence, Laura had this theory that we both had this dream because we are still connected and we are both having difficulties with dealing with our "break-up", but I had the aches alone because he didn't give me a heads up with his plan and in that sense, figuratively speaking, I took a beating from him because his goodbye hit me out of the blue, which is why I might be dealing with it harder than he is. Although, I have heard from Laura (I met Mike via her and she has remained friendly with him) that he is regretting his decision to end it with me and misses me a lot, but controversially, still believes he made the right choice by choosing his girlfriend (they have known each other for two months) over me.

I hope someone here can help me understand this dream. I have read that violent/fighting dreams come to us as a sign of an emotional and mental struggle but sometimes they also try to get us to pay attention to something that is important which has got me also thinking that maybe this dream was trying to tell me more than just assert the fact that I am mentally struggling because of losing a close friend.

Thank you!

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@Lilith007 Very interesting question!

(05 Nov '14, 12:21) Catherine
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probabilities as yet
breaking through full consciousness
arise when the intellect is
logged off, unconscious thinking


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