For the last week or so I have started to notice a difference in the way that my daily processes have made me feel. They used to make me feel refreshed and uplifted. I could feel my emotions and my vibration go higher as I snapped into alignment. Then, after about a month of doing daily vibrational work, I felt as if I didn't need to do the vibrational work in order to raise my vibration, and instead the work that I did just stabilized my vibration. At the time, this was also fine because I still felt great when I was done and I was able to stabilize there for most of the day.

Recently,I have noticed that when I do vibrational work, I feel a sense of "blah". I seem to be writing the same things over and over each day and I am not able to induce any strong emotions. All of the focus blocks that I do seem to all stem around the same kind of issues and my ROA seems more repetitive rather than genuine. Almost like I am just doing vibrational work just to do it.

I feel like all of the vibrational work that I have been doing for the last 2 months has definitely raised my vibration a great deal. I don't think that my alignment has changed. I think that I am just used to now feeling aligned. In other words, two months ago, if I felt the way that I feel right now, it would have felt wonderful and I would feel as though I was high up on the emotional scale or "vortex". But today, since I am used to feeling this way and have been feeling this way for the last two months, it just feels like contentment.

I know that feeling content is a "fine" way to feel. For me, I have noticed a trend if I spend too much time in "contentment". In the past, I have noticed that if I feel just content for a long period, I will start to make my way down the emotional scale. Then once I feel really bad, I will use the processes to make my way back up the scale and feel good again. I don't want to feel bad, in order to feel good (if that makes sense). I am really looking for another way of doing things so that I don't fall back into my old patterns. I want to be able to just raise my vibration from where I am right now. But this will be something new for me because now, I am used to and comfortable being "here".

Has anyone experienced this before and if so, do you have any advice to give me on how to bring life back into doing vibrational work so that it stirs up emotion and gets the vibrational juices flowing once again?

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(03 Dec '14, 09:56) kakaboo

@kakaboo, no I haven't seen that before but I just took a look at it, and I feel better already :). Thank you so much!

(03 Dec '14, 11:53) Jess
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I usually gear myself up before I make a change in my behavior. I tend to mull everything over in my mind a bit before I commit to a change in action, and when I slough off a bad behavior, and exchange it for new habits, it does feel pretty good. The time frame of two months that you mentioned seems familiar to me. Even though I might feel better still for that change in behavior after two months, it does start to feel familiar. If I do not find myself a new challenge at this point, I might just backslide. I really resonated with how you described this: "I don't want to have to feel bad in order to feel good..."

I guess I would compare this to a beginning mountain climber. That first peak that the climber conquers feels pretty great. Perhaps our climber starts with Mt. Nystrom in Wyoming, with a height of 3768 meters. He (or she- I do not mean to be sexist here!) feels quite wonderful to have climbed all that way! But before long, our climber is thinking that maybe a higher mountain would feel better than the first climb...So now our climber attacks The South River Peak in Colorado, and he succeeds, reaching a new height of 4009 meters. This feels even better! But before long, our intrepid climber is eying Pikes Peak in Colorado, and he wants to conquer all of those 4302 meters... and of course, he does.

alt text (Pikes Peak)

So our mountain climber keeps setting new goals. Each climb is preceded by a feeling of anticipation, and he feels elation as he achieves each summit. But some days after, he feels let down. He naturally looks to going higher, for he would not feel as good if he just kept climbing the same mountain over and over. I imagine that eventually, our climber ends up on the top of Mount McKinley in Alaska, at a height of 6168 meters.

Now what? Of course, he now needs to leave North America to get a thrill from climbing. I am sure you understand where our climber ends up... Breathing through an oxygen tank, he feels incredible elation as he stands on the world's tallest mountain, Mount Everest, at an incredible 8848 meters ((29,029 ft).

I am sure you can see where I am going with this. Our goals are like this; we set them, and perhaps, like the mountain climber, we achieve them. But if we do not set new goals, we tend to feel let down, and understandably so. Achieving a goal makes us feel pretty good. But, nothing very good or very bad lasts very long. This includes feelings, too.

It is impossible to maintain strong feelings for very long. Our nerve receptors literally get burned out. So perhaps we must learn to accept that life ebbs and flows. So, I guess I am saying that you might want to set a new goal for yourself.

I hate to leave our climber there on top of Everest. The poor guy; there are no taller mountains to climb. So what can he do? Maybe it would be time for him to strap on scuba gear, and try deep sea diving. He probably would want to go for the deep sea diving record!

alt text


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Your answers are always so beautiful and thought out, @Jaianniah. I love this analogy.

(01 Dec '14, 02:27) Bluebell

Jaianniah has it right, but there is another component. When I reached the "blach" point, I too was confused and dispirited. Then I realized that I had to use my abilities to help lift humankind from the pit of despair and depravity that it has fallen into. That gave me years (so far) of uplift.

(01 Dec '14, 06:15) Gail

@jaianniah, yes exactly! It is kinda weird that you are the first to answer my question. A while back I purchased some gemstones because I wanted to learn and start working on my charkas, but after I started researching about them online, I found so much conflicting information that it just left me utterly confused. I know that this is an area of expertise of your and I actually have been meaning to ask your opinion about this subject for a while now. Any info that you can give me would be great

(01 Dec '14, 08:11) Jess

@Jess- The crystals are not going to give you the kind of uplift that perhaps you want. It is impossible to describe exactly what they will do, for that depends on your expectations! LOL! Sound familiar? But in aligning your chakras... Well, yes, they will help with that. There certainly a lot of books out there about crystals- start with Love is in the Earth by Melody. I trust this book above the rest. It is worth the investment...(-cont...)

(04 Dec '14, 11:49) Jaianniah

@Jess- This is funny- serendipitous! I am working on a small book that I am hoping to publish with Amazon ebooks about crystals. Isn't it interesting how our lives work... mesh...with each other? I think that we can safely continue our discussion off IQ and into email. You can write to me there, and I will definitely help you with anything you would like to know. (***@**.) I am glad to help. Another serendipitous event- the answer to your question came to me so clearly. Weird! Write!

(04 Dec '14, 11:54) Jaianniah

@Jess- I see that our intrepid and unwanted censor prevented my posting my email. Just write to my name at yahoo. Easy. Thanks again. ♥♥♥

(04 Dec '14, 11:57) Jaianniah

@Gail, @Bluebell- Thank you both. Gail: What a huge thought...Helping mankind! I have to confess that I had given up on that one a while back; I have to thank you for giving me food for thought. Should any of us ever give up on that? Bluebell, thank you for the kind words. :) They mean more than you will know.

(04 Dec '14, 12:03) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah, great answer here, brilliant, priceless - at least for me, today. I am sure I will always remember it! I love climbers' stories, I have read a couple of books about climbing - I am no climber and will never be (too dangerous!), but I get the thrill by reading other people's adventures. Yes, this is the perfect analogy to the path :)

(18 Jul '17, 15:46) VitoriaRegia
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