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Came across this and found it interesting. After all this seems like the only time for so long that a channelled being is "predicting" so many stuff which are going to happen at one go.

Predicting in quotes because everything is happening now and the future may change.. which is why none of the probabilities below are 100%. But still, 98% is still a substantial amount just like the prediction here on Solar Flares.

So what do you think? Of course we should just continue living our lives as usual but it would be interesting to see how many of these predictions actually end up being true when the time comes.


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I found an interesting video on "free energy". And I just wanted to share it here because of Bashar's prediction that between 2015 and 2016, there will be the beginning of a practical energy system that can be mass produced which will begin to tap into free energy. Some may find this interesting.

There is an Entrepreneur called Manoj Bhargava that has some impressive ideas on "changing the world". I would recommend watching the whole video if you like those kind of topics. If you just want to watch his idea on free energy, go to 14:05 in the video.


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(30 Dec '15, 03:50) jaz

personally I think free energy already exists. Its just being hidden from us, after all who is going to buy all the oil,coal and other resources anymore if all is able to use energy freely? The Sun itself is already a huge source of energy. Kinetic energy can also be generated freely. What is lacking is just a way to convert this type of free energy from one form to another.

(30 Dec '15, 07:35) kakaboo

@jaz Yeah, it's a very impressive substance. It seems that we'll hear more of it in future.

(30 Dec '15, 07:36) releaser99

after all scientists often say energy cannot be created or destroyed. it can only be transformed from one form to another. If energy cant be created or destroyed, then it makes sense that all the energy we need already exists around us. We just need a way to convert them

(30 Dec '15, 07:36) kakaboo

@kakaboo I find it also hard to believe that, with all the energy that surrounds us in so many ways, no one was ever able to come up with a reliable and sufficient energy source. To me, it seems like the desire to keep the status quo was just stronger up until now.

(30 Dec '15, 07:58) releaser99

here's a bit of info you may find interesting, I especially enjoy looking at the pictures all the rest for me is a load of double dutch lol

the graphene diagram looks remarkably like the bashar space time antenna, with the two cones just touching (zero gap) rather than intermingling

(31 Dec '15, 04:15) jaz

@releaser99 - Thanks for the heads up, that's a fascinating concept and technology. :) I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome of additional Bashar predictions in the coming year. Also, although I realize that it's not exactly "free" energy (the technology itself is an investment), I thought the following device from Elon Musk was a big step in the right direction:

(02 Jan '16, 15:06) lozenge123

@lozenge123 Thanks for sharing. That's really cool. The fact that more and more public figures are presenting new technologies around the idea of "free energy" seems to indicate a change in overall vibration. There is some exciting stuff coming up!

(04 Jan '16, 16:17) releaser99
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I like the idea of the hall of records showing us what we lost in the fire of alexandria!

Why do we need so many negative events to make us change though, surely there is some way of making positive changes before they happen.


answered 07 Jan '15, 05:17

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Doesn't Bashar say though, that you can choose the reality you prefer? Choose the one where these things don't happen to you. In other words, don't dwell on the negative stuff, concentrate on positive.

(07 Jan '15, 10:00) 33sync

Yes i agree 33sync but giving us a 98% probability isn't giving us much room to adjust to another reality without negative incidents. Take the 9/11 example ManuS has metioned in his answer, sure we adjusted from a nuclear attack to a less damaging scenario. But were unable to completely shift away from a negative event altogether. I thought that was the reason channels were not meant to make predictions as it focused our attention on a possibility.

(09 Jan '15, 06:25) lastplacefavourite

Although I remember reading Bashar's predictions are just a reading of the current vibration we collectively hold. Which is a point to note when viewing the original post.

(09 Jan '15, 06:28) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite that's why its "predicting", Bashar himself said it that the reason why its not 100% is because there is still a chance that humans may focus these events out of existence. I think what 33sync is trying to say is that you are focusing on the "negative" on these issues instead of the "positive". Like they always say, there are 2 sides of a coin, and there are BOTH positives and negatives to be taken out from all these events.. which one would you choose?

(09 Jan '15, 10:06) kakaboo

Thank you kakaboo, I understand. I just needed reminding again clearly :) love to you all.

(10 Jan '15, 04:07) lastplacefavourite
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I saw the video. Bashar predicted 9/11 in around 1996 I believe (an attack on NY near the turn of the century) and he's predicted a few other disasters so I'm confident that his predictions are fairly accurate, based on the energy as he perceives it now. The contractions are things we need to have to get us to wake up collectively. The percentages are, as 33sync alluded to, a choice and if we all increase our positivity then the negative things are less likely to happen, or will happen in a less damaging way. The 9/11 prediction originally included nuclear so we were able to shift to a more positive Earth and not have a nuclear attack on NY, once we were aware of it. Knowing these disasters are around the corner means we can work towards reducing their affects, being prepared for them and being in synch with reality so we're not around when they happen.


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Doesn't Bashar teach that if we prepare for something you actually are allowing that very thing to manifest? For example learning self defence comes with opportunities to put it into practice. How do we prepare for something without putting focus onto it and thus being a part of that reality?

(09 Jan '15, 06:32) lastplacefavourite

We shift our focus to positivity without focusing on this negative situation. I don't mean we focus and prepare physically for a particular situation. I mean if we're aware that this situation is being created by the collective fear then we all focus on being positive and following our passions and joys, and by thinking about completely different things we can shift ourselves to the Earths that don't have this problem. Sorry if my answer wasn't clear. :)

(09 Jan '15, 07:19) ManuS

Thank you I appreciate the clarity! I'm sorry it appears sometimes I overlook seemingly obvious answers to make my life more difficult.

(10 Jan '15, 04:03) lastplacefavourite
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This is not the first time in the Game, nor will it be the last time, an external source, via a lower density vibrational vehicle or otherwise, has stated predictions of the linear future. These predictions are not predications as such, but rather statements of possibilities - possibilities based on a particular polarity-based vibrational frequency coordinate of a particular collective consciousness in the NOW (when the 'predictions' were stated). One cannot predict the future; one can only 'read into' the possibilities of what will potentially transpire linearlly, should a particular polarity-based vibrational frequency coordinate of a particular collective consciousness in the NOW remain static in a particular vibrational frequency coordinate.

The underlying aspect of this has to do with evolving timelines versus manipulated timelines. Such also has to do with the Time Keeper - our Sun - and the Black/Invisible Sun: Saturn/Kronos - the Time Keeper Usurper/Manipulator.

When any Hive Mind entity or Social Memory Complex encourages us to subscribe to a particular vibrational frequency coordinate, there is an agenda behind it; and such an agenda may be for our linear 'future' and their linear 'past' benefit. Regardless, we - in the NOW - seem to be caught up in somebody else's war over consciousness and linear time, as well as Timelines.

One thing is clear to me. Our future selves (so they say) are not us in the future but are aspects of us in alternate Timelines - Timelines we can Collectively shift vibrationally to or not. Further clear to me is that the NOW moment only exists in the mind-brain/soul/Oversoul/Spirit interface of extensive incarnational Earth expressions. Those who are such are a compression of not only everything that exists on this planet, but everything that exists in this particular Universal construct. All is embedded in our DNA. We are the Living Librarians with access to the Living Library.

British philosopher Alan Watts said, 'Stop trying to change the world. Change comes from within.'

A certain entity says 'You change your (world) reality by shifting to the (world) reality you prefer'.

Different words, same message; same goal.


answered 01 Apr '15, 22:14

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