Hello everyone,

I've been applying the Manifesting experiment 5 since late December. I feel that my general mood has been progressing and I feel that I've been practicing more and more the skill of clearing up things and taking them to a better feeling place. All is good.

External things started to feel like they were moving again, even though I'm trying to be conscious of doing the experiments and other things (exercising, meditating, etc) just to feel good, It was nice to acknowledge that things appeared to be in a better flow.

Now, apparently out of nowhere there was an issue with my brother over the weekend. He doesn't communicate much (I would say at all really), but the whole situation was tense and stressful. This is more of an issue given the fact that I'm living with him and actually almost completely depending on him financially at the moment. Also, I've been looking for a job for about a month and a half now, and 2 really good prospects (1 of which appeared to be a sure thing) just fell through (this has happened in the past).

Anyway, yesterday I read something here that compelled me to review the Manifest Experiment 4, I liked it a lot, specially since I can tell from experience that I must have a lot of resistance towards Job-Money-Independence-Stability topics.

I read the posts, troubleshooting, questions, etc and today I tried it for the first time. Btw, my intent was to do a couple of days of that, clearing those Big things, and then continue on with Manifesting Experiment 5.

I spend a good couple of hours between filling the sheet and then clearing with FasterEFT. I got to a point where I new I had cleared most of it but I could still feel a subtle background of discomfort (also a couple of physical sensations). I kept at it and then I was going to read the statements to see how neutral I was and felt emotions again resurfacing, not too intense but way higher than that subtle background it had been before.

I had to stop because I had other things I had to do, I managed to take them back down but no completely, I meditated and was able to feel relaxed and managed to be in a slightly positive mood and get on with the day. Tomorrow I plan to revisit it.

I'm trying not to judge myself for not being able to clear it, or go in a downward spiral because of it. But I'm wondering if I maybe missed something, or if it's understandable given that the issue I worked with is basically part of the biggest issue I have in my life.

Any pointers or advise on this issue is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for everything and sorry for the long post.

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But I'm wondering if I maybe missed something, or if it's understandable given that the issue I worked with is basically part of the biggest issue I have in my life.

I don't think it's a problem. That's just the way it is sometimes. There seem to be limits sometimes as to how much vibrational movement you can make on a subject. Go beyond those limits and you can encounter increasing resistance to further change.

In the Focus Blocks Method, this is why you break off from doing a Focus Block when you encounter this resistance in vibrational movement and come back later, instead switching to working on a different Focus Block. This is why I prefer to use Focus Blocks instead of Focus Wheels...Focus Wheels are more a clean-it-all-up-now method whereas Focus Blocks let me flit "hither and thither" every time the going starts to get hard.

It seems that sometimes, one needs to just stabilize at a particular vibrational setpoint for a while, perhaps go live some life and have some physical experiences at that setpoint, in order to then have access to the higher levels on the emotional scale for that subject.

I'm basically saying, don't worry about it - just give it some breathing room and come back later :)

When you come back to this topic at some future date, you may find that you can suddenly make easy movement on it again, as though some new level in the vibrational game has opened up.

alt text


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Thanks for the answer and encouragement @Stingray. I really appreciate it.

(18 Jan '15, 11:17) Kriegerd

Answering mostly to your title:

I would rather recommend to transfer the quality of the emotions, than bringing them down. Then I am able to enjoy the worked through energy as much as I suffered from the low energy, if not more.

When they come again, for me it really matters how I take it: at least two models of life are applicable here. One is, that the "bad emotions again" mean it's kind of my fault that I cannot hold on to the good ones, that I didn't come to the good feeling point of view in a stable enough way. This is how I perceived what Abraham and Bashar say.

But later on I developed a different model, and I applied in it what I heard from Abraham, too - they say that we cannot always be in the Vortex since the energy, the world is always expanding.

So I said, these new emotions are not the old ones coming back "until I clear the issue", they are a new development of this stream I'm working with (in the certain subject). They mean new energy arrived, and now I can align to this new energy and feel even better in this stream.

In this second model, life is cooperator of all my streams giving me a better and better experience, since the streams always expand, I align to the new energy and then I have an enriched experience.

As always, your choice. :)


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Olga Farber

Thank you for your answer @Olga Farber! I really liked the second model you talk about, it makes a big difference. Could you expand a little bit on what you mean (and what you do) when you say at the beginning: "to transfer the quality of the emotions"

(18 Jan '15, 11:15) Kriegerd
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