Hello everyone,

I've read a lot of the questions regarding ME-4 and the different challenges faced when dealing with the equivalent of an inner spring cleaning.

One of them took me about 4 hours to completely neutralize all statements. So I'm using the streamlined suggestions from @Stingray of doing only steps 1-3 to focus on the matter at hand. And then later on when they are neutralized I finish up the rest of the steps, since this issues have been established for a while.

I've found a couple of issues I wanted to share to see if I could get some advice or opinions on what to do:

  1. While in the middle of a long process I have reached a point a couple of times where I feel a bit numb in regards to feeling any feelings/sensations, I don't know if it's just being tired or something going on vibrationally. I have stopped the process there for the day, tapped on that numb feeling and meditated to go on with my day. I know it's better to finish the process in one sitting, but what should I do?

  2. I have noticed that some emotions manifest in some sort of pressure in the chest, like someone pressing their fingers in my sternum but from the inside-out. Sometimes I feel neutral about a particular statement/belief but the chest sensation is still there, and it doesn't budge!! With a lot of tapping and trying different angles I manage to lessen it but still it doesn't go away. Any suggestions?

  3. On a couple of questions other users mentioned doing either mind mapping or doing an ALL INCLUSIVE list of topics. Since these issues seem to be big, I'm wondering if doing something similar and super power tapping them to create some cracks will help in shortening the sessions (also because I've seen that the topics end up entangled with one another), or if its better to continue with the "normal" process.

Thanks for everything and sorry for the long post.

P.D: I included the questions in a single post since I would end up repeating the context of the questions and due to the minimum character limit.

asked 05 Feb '15, 01:05

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@Kriegerd, I'm closing your question. By using a general question title and then embedding multiple questions, you are making it difficult, if not impossible, for anyone else with similar questions to find and benefit from this information in future. Please consider that the information on this site is intended to benefit others also. If you have multiple questions, create them as separate questions with specific titles. We have no objection to repeating context if the questions are different

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The question has been closed for the following reason "Unspecific question title, multiple embedded questions" by IQ Moderator 05 Feb '15, 02:46

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