Based on an answer from @Stingray in @Nikulas' question How may I more actively serve others? I would like to know what the statement "You are alone in your reality" exactly means.

Does it mean that I am literally alone and every one around me is a consciousness that exists somewhat apart from me and I interpret its vibration due to my own?

Does every consciousness exist in its own universe? When I talk to someone, am I actually talking to myself and the other person isn't really involved?

Or what does the "alone" really mean?

Stingray also wrote...

For example, while I ( the consciousness stream of @Stingray ) may have my own focused perspective of my own reality and be having my own independent experiences from that perspective, you ( the consciousness stream of @Nikulas ) still don't take part in it.

So, in effect, you are alone in your own reality playing with reflections of yourself :) Because of that, it's a little difficult to go out deliberately to "serve" someone else without the process being focused on "serving" yourself :)

What if I help someone, for example, I hold the door for someone, don't I take part in the reality of the other consciousness? Or how is it meant?

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Does it mean that I am literally alone and every one around me is a consciousness that exists somewhat apart from me and I interpret its vibration due to my own?

At the highest level, there is only one consciousness.

But there is value for that one consciousness in creating the illusion of multiple interacting facets...which is what "individuals" like you and me are.

So, from a lower level perspective, there appear to be these other "facets" interacting on this physical Earth-based platform but the Law of Attraction will never let you see them as they are but only as you attract them to be.

In effect, the others in your reality are just playing "acting roles" that you have assigned (vibrationally) to them. If you shift your vibrational levels and move out of the "acting range" of one of those facets then that one disappears from your reality and others come in that can play those roles at your new vibrational levels.

You can test this out for yourself quite dramatically by thinking about the person you like most in your physical reality and, every day for 30 days, spend a few minutes thinking of a few things about them that you don't like, or find annoying or irritating.

Simultaneously, think about the person you dislike most in your physical reality and, every day for 30 days, spend a few minutes thinking of things you like about them, or find pleasing (no matter how little).

After 30 days, probably sooner, you'll start to notice the behavior of those two people starting to change - the annoying one will start to become nice, and the nice one will start to become annoying :) ...because it's all about You, never about them :)

alt text

What if I help someone, for example, I hold the door for someone, don't I take part in the reality of the other consciousness?

It works both ways. While others are playing roles for you, you are playing roles for those that match you vibrationally.

You interact with others through culmination points managed by the Law of Attraction.

From the higher levels of consciousness, the door and the other person are just self-generated physical illusions but we've made our physical realities to feel immersive (in the same way that you feel immersed in a good movie or novel) so your experience of the illusion is going to feel real even though it isn't...if you see what I mean :)

Trying to pick apart or question the illusion from the level of the illusion is just going to tie you up in mental many of your questions about the illusion are going to be unanswerable in any satisfying way from the physical reality trying to explain the concept of 3-D to a 2-D being.

That's why all those "enlightened" people who have told us through the ages that there's more to physical life than there first appears, have done so by first focusing back into those higher levels of consciousness that exist outside of the illusion.

Here's Bashar (briefly) talking about the same ideas...


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I love this answer. It captures so many things I have begun to realize (hey, remember when I got into LOA because I wanted a New Red Truck (r)?) and packages complex ideas very clearly. They hardly even sound "crazy" coming from you, @Stingray, which must be the mark of great inner clarity! Do you think that when the One Consciousness chooses to become physical, that those "of us" who wind up drawn to LOA come with the intention to see behind the illusion for extra fun?

(20 Sep '15, 00:47) corduroypower

@corduroypower - "those "of us" who wind up drawn to LOA come with the intention to see behind the illusion for extra fun?" - Yes, and not just those with an interest in spiritual ideas (The term "Law of Attraction" is just a repackaging of ancient, and timeless, spiritual concepts embodied in every sincere religion & spiritual philosophy). See Is Earth a "Master Class" of creators?

(20 Sep '15, 04:30) Stingray

I really love these deep-rabbithole answers., @Stingray. Sometimes I've been hung up on a sense of worry that if "I work out how to be happy", then I'll have an obligation to save others (I know that isn't rational, but the emotion is there). Thinking about Earth as a workshop for people to play with limitation is really freeing to me. I mean, how arrogant and rude to run into someone else's workshop and start "fixing" it, right? Total perspective shift for me. Thanks.

(20 Sep '15, 14:25) corduroypower

@Stingray, When I first learned this, it liberated me a lot. Not in a bad sense of not caring for others anymore, but I can care now without feeling hell inside of me because of their suffering (something to do with being raised in a catholic family, the whole guilt thing). Do you know of other channeled entities that have been clear about this? Did Seth mention it in any of his books? Is this addressed more deeply or more abundantly in some book or video?

(22 Sep '15, 14:49) Notgonnatellyou

@Notgonnatellyou - "Did Seth mention it in any of his books?" - The natural corollary of "You create your own reality" is that you are alone in your reality...otherwise it wouldn't be just you creating your reality. Seth's entire theme was "You create your own reality" so you could say that all the Seth books address the idea to some extent. I can't remember if it was explicitly mentioned anywhere. Seth was more theory than practice though which is where Abraham has filled the gap.

(30 Sep '15, 05:26) Stingray

@Notgonnatellyou - I haven't looked at all the teachings of all those mentioned in the list of channelers but the ones I have looked at all share the same theme of "You create your own reality" so you could work your way through the list until something resonates with what you are looking for.

(30 Sep '15, 05:32) Stingray

Thanks @Stingray. I had listened to hours of Bashar and Treb, read Seth and had missed the corollary until it was pointed out to me by Treb. I remember I had to contact Rob a couple of days later and ask him if Treb really meant that. It released me from a lot of anxiety. But it's also a slow process, I forget it during the day. In fact I think I would forget all of this in moments of skepticism if it wasn't because I had first hand experiences with strange phenomena.

(02 Oct '15, 14:10) Notgonnatellyou

Thank you for your answer @Stingray. "In effect, the others in your reality are just playing "acting roles" that you have assigned (vibrationally) to them." - does this mean, that theoretically everyone could be anyone to me if I have the matching beliefs about them? Or is this exaggerated?

(05 Oct '15, 15:27) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy - "does this mean, that theoretically everyone could be anyone to me if I have the matching beliefs about them?" - Yes, if, and it's a big IF, that version of them has the vibrational range to match your new beliefs...otherwise they will vanish from your reality as your beliefs change and other "actors" will move in that match the new vibrational range.

(05 Oct '15, 17:43) Stingray
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that if I help someone, for example, I hold the door for someone, don't I take part in the reality of the other consciousness? Or how is it meant?

The energy you put out is the energy you get back. Law of Attraction responds to your vibration/energy.

The people that you see in your life are a part of your reality. They are there because something in your energy and their energy was a match and therefore attracted each other.

Law of Attraction = Like attracts Like = Shared reality through a match of energy between you and them.

When magnets attract, they are together not separate.


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perceptions of your mind though
unique, an individual
space in time, share living
with others in this world,

that are not of the exact
perspective as yours


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Hi @spacemetalfantasy let's face it there's no proof of anything, everyone has an individual view, everyone is living their own reality. My reality is determined by how my physical brain interprets what is perceived in the environment through my individual physical senses.

Experiences create new desires, gives more info and leads to new experiences, each one of us has an experience of the world that's unique. What is perceived through the five senses including the writing you're reading at this very moment is not necessarilly the truth, it's how your brain interprets that info that creates your reality. Ask ten different people to witness a single happening and you'll get ten different replies, all true of course :)

In other words some follow those that are highly persuasive, highly seductive, that may even present things in a hypnotic manner ... attributing to someone else or any other external influence responsible for what they're receiving, for what is manifesting in their reality, there is value in this ... but as long as you do that you can never completely deliberately choose your own individual reality for yourself, you can never be truly ... free


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jaz, the brain is but a tool of the body,
perhaps there are things as they are,
as we see them and as believed to be, after percieved fear discounts.

(03 Oct '15, 08:48) fred

thanks for the feedback @fred :)

(04 Oct '15, 01:12) jaz

It is simple to understand in this world where every one is divided from them self and other, in this world where every one is growing each at their own level of knowledge and understanding each with different experience and different tool to deal with them. that is why you stand alone in your own reality. because if you tell someone about something he as no understanding, no knowledge and no experience about he will not believe you or understand what you are saying. he might even limit him self by is own created limit. even if you would try to get on is own level and try to explain it to that person he might not understand anything at all even not even try to understand because he is limited by him self and also lack knowledge, understanding, and experience.

example: a computer programmer could talk to you about html 5 , ccs3, web gl java script etc... but if you are barely able to understand how to use a computer it will not help you to learn and know how the internet and program works or the inner working of hardware and software. even if the computer programmer comes to your level of understanding and tell you it is simple to understand single core is like one street with car moving on it and dual core is like two road in parallel with car moving on it and quad core is like 4 street with car moving on them so the more road you have the more car can move through at the same time. that makes the computer faster but the program needs to be written so that it can go in to all core and not only one core. also if the pc is using a 64 bits processor and os it is faster and can handle more memory because a pc using 32 bits processor and 32 bits os is limited to 4gb of ram memory and 3.1gb for the memory speed. and a computer using 64 bits processor on a 32 bits os or application is limited in memory and takes bite of 64 bits of memory and need to processes them in 32 bits package so it takes a bite of 64 bits of memory and processes it 32+32 and doing this makes it do more job and is only 50% faster then a 32 bits pc, if the computer run 64 bits on 64 bits os it run 100% faster because it is twice as fast to process.

you see I took example on something that exist in this world computer and technology but I could have take other example like a mechanic, a doctor etc.... that have understanding, knowledge and experience in some field where some do not. or I could have took simple example about some that know how to write and do maths and some that do not. the simple fact is that you are alone in your reality either being limited to different degree or not being limited to different degree. in this world some will never understand you and some will to different degree. and it is the same as one from the world and one not from the world. He that comes from above is above all: he that is of the earth is earthly, and speaks of the earth: he that comes from heaven is above all. simply because he as gone and come back to the world and the other from the world have no understanding no knowledge and no experience from above.

as for your other question: What if I help someone, for example, I hold the door for someone, don't I take part in the reality of the other consciousness? Or how is it meant?

of course you take part in their reality but some could ignore you or be somewhere else and not notice you, some other will be happy and thank you for some other it is just normal and will not make a big deal of it, and some other will be mad at you saying I can open the door for my self etc... they see other people that give them a hand as people that want something from them, and they want to be in their own little world not owning anything to any one. as long as you are happy it is good. be first happy with your self then you can be happy with other but if you cannot be happy with your self you cannot be happy with other. if you open the door and the person say nothing or scream at you; you will not be happy and wonder why is that so and it will not make you happy. simply because you make something to make other people happy and they do not notice or are not happy about it because of their own problem does not mean that you did not do something good it only means that some does not know what is good. or that some have add issue with some that give something to receive something and sometime this can be normal and some other time not. so do not trouble your heart and your mind be happy to do something good for your self and other even if some do not like it, and if it is their choice to not like it then respect their choice and do not hold that door for them.

one day you shall go above and your cup will be filled not by measure, it will over flow of living water then he shall talk to you on your level and show you what is good for you to know, let not your heart be trouble that your cup can only retain so little water. be clad and happy that it is filled.

the Father is greater than I. he does not give the spirit by measure.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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I struggeled with anxiety in my teens and the scariest part of this for me was the feeling of alianation, detachment and unreality. Later in life I learned that these are common symptoms for anxiety sufferers. I wish I had known this as a teenager as it would have made the absolute dreadful feeling of being cut off from the people I loved and being alone in what felt like a living nightmare easier to cope with.

Now, as an adult, I get the same feeling of a horrible dread when I read about the concept of being alone in my universe, and the others, people I love, being an "illusion". I'm sure I'm not meant to feel like this, and maybe it's difficult to explain in a way that is easy to perveice. I certainly don't want to be "the only person in my universe". Connection and community are what brings meaning and joy to my life. Being alone in an illusion seems like a horrible, horrible situation to be in.


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(13 Aug '17, 03:46) Pebbles

@Pebbles - If what you wrote was meant to be a question, perhaps you should ask it as a new question?

(13 Aug '17, 04:39) Stingray

Oh, what If I just say that I would love some input on my thoughts about the subject?

(13 Aug '17, 08:24) Pebbles

@Pebbles- I will write an answer to you. I am sorry I did not see this question way back when... You asked for feedback, and I am drawn to respond now. Perhaps synchronicity is working!!!

(17 Aug '17, 16:58) Jaianniah
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@Pebbles- and @spacemetalfantasy- and @Everyone, really...

I find it terribly isolating to think I exist only in my own reality. I just wrote about how we affect one another. So, personally, I do not believe that all other people are just some kind of terrible constructs of my reflection. This idea does not factor in the desires of others, and the desires of a Higher Power, do they???

Look for a documentary called "I AM". It explains how we influence each other at a very basic level, and counters the idea that we are alone. We are not alone at all! You managed to attract me to your question- does that not prove that you are not alone? What everyone means is that your reality is a reflection of what you desire. Being alone is part of my defenses. I never realized that I kept people at a distance because I am terrified of being hurt. What the Law of Attraction taught me was that I was actually attracting more aloneness! In other words, focusing on the lack of people in my life just makes that loneliness go on and on. When I said to myself, "I want more people in my life. I want people around me who are safe and will not scare me!" When I started saying that to the energy surrounding me, I started getting really understanding people in my life. It's really just that simple.

Think of yourself being surrounded by a living, plasma-like energy that responds to your every thought and desire. It doesn't really think, per se, but it responds perfectly to what you think, believe, and desire. In that, this energy is utter perfection. Knowing this, you can turn around this loneliness. Correct what you are thinking, and I guarantee that this energy will reward you for this shift.

alt text

Try to live in a positive way. Shift yourself into a determined, deliberate positivity. Sometimes I have to grit my teeth to do this. It isn't easy because so many people are unaware of how negative they are. Sometimes, I feel people trying to tear me down just for being positive. Since I tried to be nice, to be good, to be positive as a child, I was hazed, teased, bullied. My family called me Pollyanna sometimes- making fun of a person who is really nice is not nice! But I now know that I get back what I put out, so I will try (gritting teeth) to be positive. I will do this because I need the energy around me to attract what I need! I want good stuff to come my way, thank you very much! I can feel strongly that you desire this, too. Try out what I have said. I almost would call this a fierce positivity!

This is beyond religion, and beyond everything really. It is just plain how the universe works. So sync yourself with the flow of energy around you.

This will lead you to more happiness than you can possibly imagine!

alt text

Good luck!!



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Thank you so much, Jaianniah - I love your answer! <3

(18 Aug '17, 15:47) Pebbles

@Pebbles- Thank you! But if you liked it, why no point? I'm just!

(18 Aug '17, 19:18) Jaianniah

Point given:)

(19 Aug '17, 18:43) Pebbles

@Pebbles- :)!!!

(21 Aug '17, 15:29) Jaianniah
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