Isn't that the opposite of what we would expect because of Law of Attraction?

Law of Attraction would say that by focusing on problems, you bring more, but when focusing on the problems of others, what really happens is more compassion and inspiration to give and help them. If the energy we give is what we get back, then is a generous mind better than a grateful mind since a generous mind will attract more generous minds who will then freely give to each other?

On the other hand being grateful will keep bringing more to be grateful for so is having a generous mind to happily give to others and therefore attract those same type of people a better method or is having a mind of appreciation and therefore bring more energy/things to feel appreciation for a better method? Does focusing on helping others and therefore putting out generous energy brings that back to you or appreciation energy?

Even if not focusing on problems but clarity and appreciation does help our energy and humanity's energy, why is it that the action of serving others through acts of kindness seems to help more than just focusing on your own joy?

asked 18 Sep '15, 19:49

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why is it that the action of serving others through acts of kindness seems to help more than just focusing on your own joy?

It's because most of us carry around a general feeling of "unworthiness" within ourselves having been conditioned by society (parents, teachers, friends, organizations) from an early age that it is more important to please others ("conform") than to please ourselves i.e. ignore Inner emotional guidance in favor of following External imposed guidance.

So, with that kind of belief system active, there's less resistance involved in doing kind acts for others rather than doing kind acts for you feel better doing it.

People who do dare to do kind acts for themselves are usually labelled "selfish" :)

Helping others to feel better yourself only works up to a point though...once you start to get a sense that the other is "taking advantage" of your help then the resistance to helping eventually increases beyond your own resistance to helping you put yourself first again (when dealing with them)...and so you no longer feel good in helping them.


answered 20 Sep '15, 04:45

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No one can "take advantage" of what was already offered as a gift. Thoughts of "Take advantage" is disempowerment. Law of Attraction.

(20 Sep '15, 22:45) arpgme
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