I've recently had the realisation that most of the blocks that stop me from achieving the things I want in my life are due to a general feeling of being unsafe, of not being supported by the universe. The roots to this issue are deep, going back to my childhood traumas. It particularly showed itself in my love life, where I felt terrorised by feelings of abandonment and low self-worth. I've worked that out though, and become much more confident and happy than I've ever been my whole life.

But recently, being made redundant from the 9-5, and setting out on my own to try to make money independently, I've run into many road blocks. Mainly financial problems and procrastination. I've now realised that all this is connected to a feeling of not being safe. Or more accurately, a feeling of unsafeness. I feel unsafe when I think about my bank account, my future, my emotions, my thoughts, most things!

Having been learning about and practising the Law of Attraction as long as I have, I do believe the Universe is ultimately benevolent, and that the feeling of joy and safety is our birthright, if we can overcome our negative programming. But, on an emotional level, I still don't "get it" yet. I guess my inner child feels perpetually unsafe and that is showing up in my life.

Any practical tips or theories or commiseration on this issue? I think a lot of people do identify with this feeling on some level.

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@cassiopeia- This doesnt answer your question but I hope it provides an optimistic meaning. Bashar always uses his famous rubber band analogy: often, certain brave souls will chose to incarnate into physical reality with seeming limitations and negative experiences just to transform those experiences into positive meaning. The further back you go into darkness, the more light you are able to enable and 'transform' into. My best intentions :)

(20 Jun '13, 10:36) Nikulas

I have felt unsafe before, and now and then at present. NOw the best thing I do is tell the new story and do the grids. I feel safe and I believe that the universe is a friendly place [thnx to AlbertE]

(21 Jun '13, 07:56) clearheart

I did a lot of inner child work years ago and still it's abraham and bashar that got me over the line of healing. It did take me awhile and I had a few memories float to the surface and I decided that my innerbeing knew I would be alright all the time and that now,today I just needed to catch up to that feeling of being safe.

(21 Jun '13, 07:59) clearheart

@cassiopeia According to the Pleiadians safety is one of the four or five main issues that we are all working through (the others being abandonment, trust etc) so you are in good company. They suggest regular affirmations - "It is safe to be in my body", "I am safe, I am loved, I am protected" - just keep saying them, eventually it sinks in. The other thing is that safety is a root chakra issue so work on opening/cleansing the root chakra. Also, being ungrounded can make you feel unsafe.

(21 Jun '13, 13:09) Catherine

Catherine, I had a dream about this last night and that was my conclusion, that there will always be things coming up to teach me to feel safe. I realize I get sick when feeling safe is too hard for me, then I get a reason to feel bad. What a merry-go-round. I will look up cleansing the root chakra

(22 Jun '13, 20:26) clearheart

Catherine , thankyou for pointing the way so I could find this video, it helped so much. http://disinfo.com/2013/05/the-pleiadians-you-have-chosen-to-be-human-a-message-of-encouragement/

(22 Jun '13, 21:27) clearheart

@clearheart Thanks for the link and your words of thanks. Carrying red jasper worked quite well for me on the base chakra issue.

(23 Jun '13, 08:24) Catherine

I would like to thank you for posing the question that I came here to find an answer for. As a healer myself and having been working on my personal healing for the past several years, it is JUST NOW come to my awareness that it is the feeling of being "unsafe" that is blocking my total release into my magnificence. The responses you received have been truly helpful for me as well. Blessings to us all!

(29 Jun '13, 19:14) Bobbi Friday
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You may want to try this.

Write down how you feel when you feel unsafe. And how it pervading your life feels like. Don't hold anything back and write everything down... in emotional terms. Write also down how it physically feels like in your inner body (For example: "It hurts in my chest, like a sqaure shaped throbbing") Find one general statement that truly feels true to you. Or pick one, for example:

  • I know that the universe is benevolent...at least I know it intellectually
  • It'll be nice when I figure the emotional part of this out
  • Others have figured this out
  • I'm starting to figure parts of it out
  • I have seen little changes in my life
  • I have choices, I can do this or I can do that
  • I can keep myself in this place I don't like as long as I want to! Or I can change my thought.

Now skim through what you wrote first about how you exactly feel about feeling unsafe. Allow yourself to feel as negative as you possibly can now.

Next go back to your general statement and ask yourself these two questions every 5-10 seconds or so and answer them with yes or no. Don't try to argue or justify things. Just yes or no.

  1. Does that statement feel true to me? (If not, choose another general statement)
  2. If true, do I like the feel of that statement more than the feel of my initial text about being unsafe?

Ask those two questions every few seconds and feel the difference between your negative emotions in your inner body and your one general statement. Do this for about 2-3 minutes.

Now choose another general statement or make one up and repeat the process until you feel completely neutral about that unsafe feeling. When you truly feel neutral, write down the statement "I feel completely and utterly safe in my life" and repeat the questioning process. If it still doesn't feel true, go back to your general statement again until you feel neutral. When you truly feel neutral now, go back to "I feel completely and utterly safe in my life" and repeat the questioning process... etc.

Do this process every day and you will gradually neutralize all limting beliefs and table legs until you feel just wonderfully safe.

It is enough to use those simple general statements.


For more helpful statements on different topics, check out "Focus Statements".


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nice answer...

(25 Oct '13, 18:37) abrahamloa

I am telling you the truth nothing is eternal in this world of duality. You are a passer-by. This flesh will pass away the creation in this world will pass away and become obsolete and will be replaced. But the spirit that you are created in the image of God will never pass away. Blessed are the peacemakers. The dust will return to dust and the light will return to the light. Find a place to rest before you become a carcasses. The inequity of this world might make you afraid, for a little while, because people judge and need praise from other. You came to this world to experience and enjoy and grow. do not get stuck in the duality and inequity of this world. Look for the living one as long as you can.

Let there be light, Be the light that you can be, Experience and enjoy.


answered 22 Jun '13, 10:39

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white tiger

white tiger, what exactly is duality? I read it and think of the positive and negative but don't know for sure. thankyou.

(22 Jun '13, 20:21) clearheart

I will give you a simple example to make you understand. out of division comes duality. You see it each day and you do not know it. the Rich judge the poor and the poor judge the rich. Yet if they would walk a mile in the other one shoe they would stop judging each other on many things that they are judging each other right now. I could also tell you this:You do not realize who I am from what I say to you, but you have become like the Jews, for they (either)

(23 Jun '13, 01:18) white tiger

love the tree and hate its fruit (or) love the fruit and hate the tree. those are example on the division and duality of this world. will you overcome it? and be at peace with your self and other? you see duality as positive and negative. But if we take the example of the rich and the poor. the rich would say about the poor that they do not work enough or are to stupid to make money.

(23 Jun '13, 01:30) white tiger

and the poor would say that the rich have easy life and that they are stupid because if they would not have the money and living condition they have, they would not know what to do. so we could say that duality is two diametrically oppose point of view that go at the extreme. and yet they are the oppose reflection of each other. it is like a man looking at a mirror he point is finger to the other one and say you are lacking this and the other one does the same thing and say you are lacking this.

(23 Jun '13, 02:00) white tiger

yet each of them lack what the other as and have what the other needs. but for now when they judge and blame, it does not help them,it is very silly to see and a little pathetic. when you see that they can complete each other and they could work together and help each other and both grow from it.

(23 Jun '13, 02:06) white tiger

Good comments @white tiger

(02 Jul '13, 15:57) ele

@ele I am telling the truth of what I know. and until someone is able to solve is own duality and own inequity he cannot be born of water and spirit. the cup needs to be clean on the in side not just on the outside. when the water become clear enuff the light(spirit) will come to you to guide you in to all truth. that is the living one that you are. and he will speak to you as I am speaking to you right now. When the 2 becomes one you will be born of spirit. then you only need to overcome.

(02 Jul '13, 22:19) white tiger

@white tiger I was being sincere. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on duality - especially your 3rd & 4th comments.

(02 Jul '13, 22:35) ele

@ele I am also being sincere. I am telling you the truth. and the truth will set you free. We speak of what we know and report what we have seen. You have free will to accept my testimony or not.

(03 Jul '13, 00:31) white tiger

@white tiger-can u explain me..what happens exactly wen we are born of water n spirit? and when we get out of this duality? wil it effect our rate of manifestations?

(24 Oct '13, 04:57) supergirl

@supergirl when you are born of water there is nothing false in you. nothing is troubling you any more on the surface there is no more division in you inside and outside, mind and heart are one(soul) the water is clean, there is no more darkness in you and you start to see the light the living one that you are(spirit). when you are born of spirit the water and the spirit have solved there division and become one. how does it affect you? you ask. you will know the truth and it will set you free.-

(24 Oct '13, 08:04) white tiger

as fore your manifestations are you sure that it is what you need if you are divided and do not know the truth? would you try to manifest your whole life something that you cannot change? or would you make the right change to something with out knowing the truth about it? is there some chance to fall in error? is there not enough blind in this world that claim to see and will die in their sin? if they would know them self and other and clean the inside of the cup they would have the foundation-

(24 Oct '13, 08:12) white tiger

and would know that this is the beginning. build your house on the rock so that when the storm pass your house will still stand. if you built it on the sand when the storm pass the house will fall.

(24 Oct '13, 08:14) white tiger

would you let someone blind that does not see and do not know what he is doing repair your computer? or would you take someone that see and know what he is doing fix your computer? many in this world refer to a small pieces of paper saying qualified for this or that. or to big company saying it is professional they know what they are doing! yet some cheat to get paper of qualification and some company will take any body and give them any title as long as the job is working. the problem start-

(24 Oct '13, 18:36) white tiger

when you find out they did not know what they where doing. yet sometime it can take very long before that happen. also since when does a piece of paper is worth more then a person? maybe if people would know them self and other they would not need a piece of paper to know if someone is able to do something. but since people believe in the system and do not see most of the time what is not working for them self. then they do not know what they are doing and remain in ignorance. it is better to-

(24 Oct '13, 18:42) white tiger

seek the truth so that you do not fall on those hurdles that you do not see. was it not said: you will know the truth and it will set you free. you see when you know the truth about something that it is positive or negative it does not change the fact that you see what it is and it is easier to fix if you can fix it, and if you can't fix it at least you know the truth about it, and can seek a solution or can make a better choice next time.

(24 Oct '13, 18:48) white tiger

@white tiger "would you let someone blind that does not see and do not know what he is doing repair your computer?"

In the USA - they let blind people have hunting licenses in many states & I heard on the news where one state gives hand gun licenses to blind people.

If the computer repair man was certified, I would let him. I'm sure he would be more qualified than me. You could be faced with discrimination lawsuit if you didn't hire a person with disabilities.

I know what you meant.

(24 Oct '13, 23:55) ele

..and I liked your comments too

(24 Oct '13, 23:57) ele
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usually by now you have formed a belief of being unsafe at an unconscious or even conscious level... even the financial blocks have been formed in your phsyche... many times people say its your belief and you need to change that belief or energy or vibration...

all well and true - but how?

its hard in some cases like these to get out of the block to more positive helpful state of mind by following intellectual reasoning alone. Thats why masters recommend something like meditation and going inner and to slow down your thoughts etc. So you need to use tools that take out of your normal consciousness levels. Its like taking alcohol or drugs that bypass your natural states. Except meditaions, breathing techniques, affirmations, yoga etc... you can also do something you love where you truly forget everything and engross into that activity. Usually spiritual masters recommend mediations or breahting techniques as a more of sure shot method. Since if you do other activities sometimes peopel still engage their logical thinking. Exmaple someone loves acting but while doing it they constantly worry how good they are. Then this method will not work for them. but if you are engrossed in acting and thoroughly enjoyed that you forgot about time, eg 3 hrs go by w/o knowing then at this point you have bypassed your normal conscisouness and during that time you could get great inspirations to move to next level even in a different area like finances.

So you should as a 1st step try different methods and see which one takes you out of your normal consciousness and you seem to like and then use that on every basis is possible. Then that would shift you slowly.

Note - in reality intellectual thinking and analysis is also powerful - so never discount it. but if yoru normal soncsiousess around a subject is negative it may be hard to change just based on this for many. But lets say you have a great time playing a sport and your vibration is great and you are loving it. Then in that case you should use intelletual and Superconcisous states together and you will have full power in that activity.

Ideally you want to use all your faculties.


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