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We've received the following copyright claim from Bashar Communications. In order to comply with it, we will have to edit/remove the following Inward Quest postings shortly.

To avoid legal problems for us, please do not post any further Bashar transcripts to Inward Quest.

Thank you,

From Bashar Communications:

To Whom It May Concern;

We have become aware that someone has uploaded Bashar transcripts on the website While we appreciate the enthusiasm for sharing Bashar's wisdom, the Bashar information is copyrighted material and we have not given authorization to upload our content.

To avoid a copyright strike against your website, please remove the following Bashar content within the next 48 hours.

Infringing Links: (the transcript attached in the "EDIT") (diagrams in the thread) (from Quest for Truth) (videos and "soul blueprint history chart") (diagrams) (from "Quest for truth" book) (diagrams)

Copyrighted Work: Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka. Copyright 1984-2015. All Rights Reserved. From multiple event productions presented by Darryl Anka on dates ranging from 1984-2014.

As well as the following book:

Book: Quest for Truth
Published 1997
ISBN 0-9656078-1-X

We appreciate your cooperation and support.


Darryl Anka,
Bashar Communication, Inc.

asked 23 Mar '15, 04:23

Simon%20Templeton's gravatar image

Simon Templeton ♦♦

Damn that is some bad news! Is this information accessible through bashar communications? Paid or otherwise?

(23 Mar '15, 04:47) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite - Yes, many of the diagrams and charts that are being taken down are available for free on the Bashar website. It would be nice if the posts could merely be amended (rather than deleted) to direct people to the appropriate link....but that will obviously take work on someone's part. Here are all the free diagrams:

(23 Mar '15, 23:17) lozenge123

Insert lawyer jokes here ...

(24 Mar '15, 01:52) ursixx

Thank you @lozenge123 your a hero :D

(24 Mar '15, 17:17) lastplacefavourite

Official video posted by BC only few days ago :

Any comments ?

(04 Oct '15, 23:00) kakaboo

@kakaboo - The only thing that felt good to me in that video was the choice of pot plants :)

(05 Oct '15, 17:37) Stingray

@Stingray - What do you think about some of the concepts said by Bashar (not Darryl) in the video though? e.g we agreed on these laws collectively so we should abide by it, if not we are not acting with integrity

(06 Oct '15, 08:02) kakaboo

@kakaboo - "we agreed on these laws collectively so we should abide by it, if not we are not acting with integrity" - Let me ask you a question. Does it seem right to you that you should ignore your own emotional guidance in favor of a fear-based agenda? Every human law that has ever been enacted has come from a basis of exceptions. I don't wish to criticize Darryl's point of view (I'm not even convinced he's channeling Bashar there) because all perspectives are valid and it's...

(06 Oct '15, 08:27) Stingray

@kakaboo - ...not my role (or anyone else's) to talk someone out of believing something that they are comfortable with believing...assuming Darryl really is comfortable with what he's saying. But it's not a perspective that leaves me feeling any sense of comfort or ease and, for that reason, I'm quite happy to discount it from my own reality perspective. I've not felt inspired to listen to Bashar for a few years (only Abraham these days) so maybe we're parting company, vibrationally speaking :)

(06 Oct '15, 08:31) Stingray

seems like Bashar official Youtube channel got shut down too

(25 Mar '17, 13:39) kakaboo

This is the message you received when you clicked on his channel ~

"This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations."

You can still access many of his videos free via a google or you tube search.

He moved to Vimeo ~

(25 Mar '17, 20:09) ele

@kakaboo @ele - "seems like Bashar official Youtube channel got shut down too" - Obviously we don't know the details of what went on but, on the surface at least, it's hard not to think of this as an example of "pushing against" (Abraham's terminology) the thing you don't want attracting more of what you don't want. Or, as Bashar himself states it as the "Third Law of Creation" - which apparently doesn't apply to copyright threats :) - "What you put out is what you get back".

(26 Mar '17, 15:02) Stingray
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If copyright issues are making you crazy, you're out of alignment and your good can't come to you. And if you find a way of coming into alignment then your good will come to you with or without the copyright protection.

Protection is always upstream, every single time. There is no possible way to make protection turn downstream because in every case you are focused upon what you are protecting yourself from, and it's an upstream thought.


EDIT - March 25, 2015

A prime example of "pushing against" something bringing more focus to the thing you are trying to get rid of...

alt text

EDIT - Nov 11, 2016 - Abraham-Hicks YouTube Copyright Policy

I made a comment below in 2015 that Esther Hicks seemed to be pursuing a similar copyright clampdown on the Abraham teachings on YouTube. And around that time, it did seem that Abraham-Hicks Publications were making legal threats against those who posted recordings to YouTube in the same way that Bashar Communications has been and is doing.

Looking at the number of Abraham audios that people have been posting on YouTube since then, that clampdown seems to have stopped (which, if true, is more in line with what Abraham teach about copyright and "pushing against") so I thought I would add that information to my answer here.

Here's what is now on the official Abraham-Hicks YouTube channel:

Esther and Jerry have generously allowed fans of the Teachings of Abraham to copy and post short audio excerpts from their copyrighted Abraham material here on YouTube, and a search of YouTube will reveal thousands of recordings on countless topics which may be accessed for free. Jerry and Esther only require that others follow these USE OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL GUIDELINES: Please don't post any workshop video footage - with the sole exception of those who copy the videos here on this channel, and then translate them into other languages either via added subtitles or dubbing. Also, postings of audio material is limited to clips of 15-minutes or less, and multiple-part postings are not permitted.

So it seems that as long as you post audios (not video segments of workshops) of at most 15 minutes - and not multiple-part postings - and you obviously credit Abraham as the source for the material, you should be fine to post Abraham audios to YouTube :)

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answered 23 Mar '15, 08:36

Stingray's gravatar image


edited 30 Nov '16, 05:48


There is something rather humorous about replying to a Bashar copyright claim with an Abraham quote!

(23 Mar '15, 11:34) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite - "replying to a Bashar copyright claim with an Abraham quote" - Perhaps one should listen to the other :) But to be fair, a course of action that a channeller embarks upon is not necessarily a reflection of the teachings they channel - though many will not have the understanding to see the difference, so it's bad PR from an earthly point of view. And despite what Abraham says above, Esther Hicks has been pursuing a similar copyright enforcement policy since Jerry's death.

(24 Mar '15, 05:22) Stingray

@lastplacefavourite - Abraham have said a few times that even Esther & Jerry (when he was alive) only really applied the Abraham teachings about 51 percent effectively. And they've quoted Esther many times half-joking to others when things go wrong: "We only teach this stuff, we don't live it" :)

(24 Mar '15, 05:28) Stingray

"We only teach this stuff, we don't live it" :) thats a very poor attitude. And no it's not because I haven't reached the 'depth of understanding' to realise that the channeled and channeler are different. I will listen to the channeled whose words are effective enough to influence the life of the channeler. In fact I would go so far as to say that this would be a criteria for believing that someone is truly channeling or 'inspired'.

(25 Mar '15, 11:22) Inner Beauty

@Stingray I dont agree with that example about that being bringing more focus to the thing you are trying to get rid of. To me, I always thought it meant that you were going to get more of what you were trying to get rid of instead. In this case, they have managed to get rid of what they wanted even if this page shows up in the first few results of the search "Bashar communications copyright".

(25 Mar '15, 12:49) kakaboo

@kakaboo - "I always thought it meant that you were going to get more of what you were trying to get rid of instead" - If their policy is backfiring and is bringing them an explosion of further copyright infringments, it's unlikely they are going to tell you or us :) Instead, the most that we, as outsiders, can say is that by trying to fight copyright, they are bringing more focus to their copyright fight - so their fight is becoming more visible to others as the thought-forms condense

(28 Mar '15, 05:05) Stingray

@Inner Beauty - "I will listen to the channeled whose words are effective enough to influence the life of the channeler" - Everyone channels, even if that is not the word that is used to describe what is happening. Pop stars on stage who hold the attention of thousands are channellers. Authors and film-makers who influence millions through their works are channelling. Inspiring school teachers are channelling. Did you expect your school teachers to be masters of what they were teaching you? :)

(28 Mar '15, 05:10) Stingray

Dear @stingray yes, if I were taking a mathematic exam and my teacher would fail the questions him or herself I would certainly be worried. @Stingray - The world is tired of words. "Let deeds not words be your adorning."

(29 Mar '15, 08:12) Inner Beauty

This is not to say that we don't have something to learn from anyone who crosses our path, even those we might consider ignorant, but for someone who is paid for being a mathematics teacher, I expect he or she would be able to pass the exam; for a 'spiritual' guru, I expect they would at least try to live up to their teachings.

(29 Mar '15, 08:12) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty - "for a 'spiritual' guru, I expect they would at least try to live up to their teachings" - And the person who is judging that they've done so is...? :) It's a dangerous game, judging others :)

(30 Mar '15, 03:25) Stingray

I think judging is ok if you 'spin it' towards the positive. When I read this post and all the different responses to Daryl's decision I was instantly looking for a positive outcome. The Universe hasn't revealed it yet but it has to be something exciting. Maybe Daryl is preparing to do something that we don't know about yet. Maybe his 'tainting' his image in some eyes means you will be open to new teachers that reveal themselves. I don't know what's coming for IQ but I know it will be FANTASTIC!

(30 Mar '15, 07:35) Yes

@Yes - My thoughts exactly, well said :)

(30 Mar '15, 23:58) WeRadiateBeauty

@yes agree with you, something positive may come out of it. @Stingray - I would say it's a dangerous game not judging.... may lead to another holocaust if some people's behaviours are left unchecked .... There is always right and wrong behaviour. That doesn't make a person bad or good - that is what we shouldn't judge. A behaviour can be judged as bad, even though in the end some good may still come out of it.

(31 Mar '15, 19:23) Inner Beauty

@Everyone I've now received a legal threat myself for the Bashar audio about MSM & Vitamin C on my YouTube channel:

I'll take it down within the next 36 hours so watch it soon (if you need to) before it goes. It's a very old recording that, as far as I know, you can't even buy. So once it's gone, it's gone :)

(09 Nov '16, 12:40) Stingray
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Thank you for providing all those valuable channeled material. You are doing a great service and I really appreciate it. And of course it is your right to get the amount of money you believe you deserve for providing all this channeled information.

I just want to offer a different perspective regarding copyright claims in general (since this is a site where different perspectives get shared).

What I've been observing is that people especially tend to copy and share a lot of material when they believe that it's of high value. They don't tend to share products of low value a lot. And there is also another correlation between material that gets shared a lot and... wealth.

It's quite interesting that the wealthiest companies (e.g. Microsoft, Warner Music Group,...) in the world are the ones whose material gets shared and copied a lot more than material of not-so-wealthy companies who don't offer a lot of value.

What I'm suggesting is that maybe, if your material is getting copied and shared more and more often, it's not because you are losing more and more of your wealth, but because your wealth is growing.

Because it seems that the more people are willing to copy and share your material without wanting to pay for it, simultaneously a proportionate amount of people hear about your stuff who DO want to pay for it.

Maybe it's because it's free advertising, or maybe it's because it has to do with Bashar's third law ("What you put out, is what you get back").

However, it's quite interesting to observe for sure.


answered 23 Mar '15, 09:38

releaser99's gravatar image


edited 23 Mar '15, 09:49


Do you still believe it's channeled? Helpful information yes, channeled I doubt. Why would someone channeling a higher entity have to copyright their material?

(23 Mar '15, 18:09) Inner Beauty

@releaser99 - Very well said! The posts on this website are what allowed me to become such a huge fan of Bashar's teachings (I never would have believed before)... And I have spent not a small amount of money on Bashar DVDs since from Bashar communications. :) I am so appreciative that I happened to visit Inwardquest during the window that these posts were available, so that I was able to come to appreciate these teachings and give Bashar Communications the money that it so richly deserves!

(23 Mar '15, 18:21) lozenge123

Maybe business has been bad recently that they are making the effort to send copyright claims to every website on the Web? If not, maybe there's a larger motivation than money in doing this (I don't know, just an idea). Anyway, regarding illegal downloads and etc.. people who aren't going to pay for your stuff will never pay for it even if they can't find it for free on the Web.. they would probably just give up and move on.

(23 Mar '15, 19:35) kakaboo

On the other hand, those people who downloaded your stuff illegally and then found it to be good (or if it helped them a lot in their life) may end up to be a regular buyer instead, just like what you have said :) Or people whom have never came across your stuff but found your stuff through places like this site

(23 Mar '15, 19:35) kakaboo

@Inner Beauty "Why would someone channeling a higher entity have to copyright their material?" I think one has to distinguish between the channeler and the channeled entity. While the channeled entity may solidly believe in infinite abundance and well-being, the channel may not believe (or it may not apply to every subject in his life) since he is still physical human being like you and me. And that means that he has to deal with contrast just like you and me...

(24 Mar '15, 10:38) releaser99

...So he will have his own fears, doubts, and worries just like you and me. Just because someone is channeling good stuff doesn't mean that he has to apply it on a daily basis in his own life. It's similar to listening to and reading channeled material (or any life-changing teaching) all of the time. It won't make much of a difference in ones life until one decides that he's going to really live that way on a daily basis. That's why daily practice is so important.

(24 Mar '15, 10:40) releaser99

Thanks @releaser99, interesting. But I think I'd rather take advice from someone who is able to practice what they preach. It seems these people are few and far between, but they do exist - people like Jesus, Buddha etc. If even Darryl can't get it right after 'channelling' Bashar for so long, then what chance have we? Let's face it. Darryl's Bashar is a commercial creation, but he gives some good advice to improve your life.

(24 Mar '15, 14:10) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty - "Darryl's Bashar is a commercial creation..." - I disagree (just my humble opinion). If this thread proves anything, it proves that Darryl and Bashar are professing significantly contrary philosophies...and makes the notion that they are two distinct entities all the more plausible. Bashar has never said that he is Darryl, and the copyright claim on this thread would seem to be consistent with that.

(24 Mar '15, 18:21) lozenge123

This really doesn't make sense. Would you follow an exercise or health guru who didn't exercise themselves? These people are no different. And how very convenient to say that you shouldn't be held up to any standards to which you teach because you never said that you would or even agreed with them. To say it's a struggle to stick to the teachings is one thing, but to go blatantly against them is another.

(25 Mar '15, 11:24) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty there are a lot of other examples in life where people would follow someone else even if that someone else doesn't preach what he says. Stock market analysts are one such example, they may suggest that this share price is going up and encourage you to buy the share but they don't buy the stocks themselves most of the time yet a lot of people still follow their suggestions.

(25 Mar '15, 12:44) kakaboo

@kakaboo -guess it depends on why they don't buy the shares - maybe they know something they don't want to share. :-)

(25 Mar '15, 13:34) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty - If you are going to reject out of hand the notion that Darryl and Bashar are two separate entities, then I can't really discuss with you the concepts that you are talking about on the level that you seem to want to discuss them. If you accept that notion though, it makes sense.

(29 Mar '15, 17:16) lozenge123

@lozenge123 - yes, of course! :-) Although I would say that the rejection of that notion isn't out of hand, but well considered.

(31 Mar '15, 19:29) Inner Beauty
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I'm seeing a weird mix of energies here, so I implore you all to take a deep breath :) All is well :)

Remember, there is no assertion in this attraction-based universe, so it doesn't matter what Bashar Communications does. You are in control of your well-being. It is not your job to figure this stuff out, that is law of attraction's job :) Your only job is to think harmonious thoughts. Only a stream of well-being flows, you need only allow it.

Any information you desire is all available to you now. All the energies in this world are trying their best to bring the information you desire to you now. All you need to do is get out of the way of yourself :)

Wouldn't it be nice to see how things begin to unfold in response to your desire?
Wouldn't it be nice to see information surfacing in unexpected ways?
Wouldn't it be nice if we anticipated being delighted?

Come on everyone, come join me! I'll be waiting for you here in the vortex, forever :)

Your Inner Being


answered 26 Mar '15, 06:19

WeRadiateBeauty's gravatar image


edited 26 Mar '15, 06:21

Imagine how sweet it would of been if Darryl/Bashar got involved on Inward Quest and helped clear up peoples confusions with the teachings rather than threatening to sue with a copyright claim and limiting our ability to spread his message easily with references that link back to his site (mostly) probably bringing him more traffic anyway. I know I certainly discovered Bashar through this site, and without everyone's help would not of understood it and probably wouldn't of ever checked him out again let alone spent money on his work.


answered 23 Mar '15, 19:25

lastplacefavourite's gravatar image


Darryl Anka has done as Darryl Anka has seen fit.

You do as you see fit.

End of story. Everybody happy.


answered 26 Mar '15, 06:49

cod2's gravatar image


edited 26 Mar '15, 12:34

How far would you take this way of thinking? What about mass murderers? Just curious.

(27 Mar '15, 04:21) Inner Beauty

What about them?

(27 Mar '15, 05:24) cod2

Is 'everybody happy' after the actions of a mass murderer because they have done what they see as fit e.g. smashing a plane into the mountains and killing hundreds of people?

(31 Mar '15, 19:31) Inner Beauty

I am always happy. If you are not happy, that's fine. It's your life after all.

(01 Apr '15, 02:10) cod2

@cod2 This isn't about my happiness or yours! You said 'everybody' happy. Everybody isn't happy when cruel things happen in the world or people make the wrong actions. And thank goodness for that as they will then get up and do something about it (while others are worrying about their own personal happiness, wealth, weight etc.)

(01 Apr '15, 05:39) Inner Beauty

How do you define "wrong" actions?

With regards to "everybody happy", I take it back. The corrected statement should be "Everybody unhappy, but I am happy". I hope that makes you happy. Or should that be unhappy?

(01 Apr '15, 10:29) cod2

As for "cruel" things happening in the world, I'd like to see how many days you last without cruelly killing plants and animals for food. Or is that OK because you think you are superior to them?

(01 Apr '15, 10:45) cod2
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I think that there is something to what is sometimes called the law of attraction, positive thinking as well as the more established principles around self hypnosis techniques and meditation which is why I come to this site sometimes. I am not sure what the situation is in the case of Bashar Communications, but what I do think is that there are certain LOA teachers quoted on here who are actually making substantial sums from written materials and conferences that relieve people desperate for answers from their hard earned cash without providing too much in the way of concrete results. In particular, some of the articles on the internet about people seemingly channelling other worldly entities makes for worrying reading. Of course, everyone has to make there own mind up about the debunking articles that they read.

I would like to think that if I had any insights into how the Universe works and how to channel the ideas of using positive thinking for individual benefit, then I would share that info to all who need it without trying to make a personal fortune out of it or worrying about whether my material was copyrighted and being 'stolen' by other people. That is part of my drive to be a better person. If can help as many people as possible in the process of my individual self-improvement drive without expecting anything in the process, then I would be more than happy with that.


answered 23 Mar '15, 17:18

colino%20green's gravatar image

colino green

edited 23 Mar '15, 18:12

money money money not very enlighten also to spread the word about is creation and share brings him popularity and more money.

He did not give inwardquest quest money to spread is word. or does he feel that someone took what he created to make money at is expense?

Man created money and rule and law to help him self and other. But when is creation make division in him self and between other, I think that he shoot himself in the foot. meaning that it becomes counter productive. in this case inward quest made him more popular and some might have buy is(Bashar) creation can Bashar or any one say how many people saw Bashar stuff on inward quest and bought is creation? And how much Bashar made from that? or can Bashar say how much inward quest made by spreading the word about Bashar stuff?

I don't think so.

we know where is(Bashar) heart is. or what he(Bashar) value the most case closed. it is is choice. respect is choice as he should respect our choice.

And I agree with Simon to stop talking about Bashar so that we do not shoot our self in the foot also.


answered 24 Mar '15, 17:53

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger

edited 24 Mar '15, 19:00

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