I'm an awake, aware, conscious, intelligent, well-read, divorced, 57-year-old life coach. I understand the law of vibration and see it work in my life. I live in a conservative, religious community...enough said. I've fallen out of favor with many friends and family members because of my nontraditional, liberal, unconventional ways. I have many good friends in my online community from around the world, however, I desire companionship and have checked out several dating sites. I'm not attracting likeminded people even though my profile is forthright about whom I'm looking for. I use words common to the LOA community, talk about my journey finding my true self and learning to love myself. I explain I have a scientific mind and that I'm spiritual but not religious. Those who respond to my profile don't truly understand what I'm talking about but they are intrigued, find me fascinating, and often want to learn more. I really need someone who can walk by my side in my journey, not another client. My question is, are there others with similar problems? Also, are there any suggestions?

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Congratulations on following your true self in surroundings that are intent on deciding for you what you should be thinking! That is a tremendous accomplishment and I admire you very much for it.

The reason you are not attracting dating profiles is because you are using only action to do the manifesting for you. You also need to use thought, and, by extension, emotion.

I would also recommend to not limit yourself to dating sites, but you can, of course, if you really want to.

So take the criteria of what you want for your companionship, but instead of writing them into a dating profile, simply think about them often. Imagine living with that person. Imagine being with that person, enjoying that persons company, and all the nice things that can come from that, until you actually start feeling satisfied by the imaginary experience. When you feel strong, positive emotions, you are no longer thinking of yourself as searching for companionship, but as someone who has companionship. Once you have that feeling, then you act on whatever seems enjoyable. So if it feels relieving to delete your profiles, do it. If it feels exciting to change them or even leave them as they are, do that. But do make sure to do everything you do while feeling that satisfaction of being with your imaginary partner. Don't switch back to wanting it in real life- you have to actually imagine your imaginary partner and let that imaginary thoughtform experience satisfy you like a real one, and bring that up every time you feel the desire for companionship, and satisfy yourself with it in that way.

Then, in Abraham speak, you are focusing on what you ware wanting, not the lack of what you are wanting. In Huna speak, you are dreaming a new dream in the imaginary dimension, and energizing it with emotional energy to weave it into this dimension. Or in my speak, you are using your own authority to decide you can experience anything you want, and no one gets to tell you what's real and what isn't. And then, you get to have your best imaginary experiences coming to you in the physical dimension to boot.

Or, in another Abeism: Imagine more, observe less.


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@cmc, "let that imaginary thoughtform experience satisfy you like a real one" - great answer! I think this is the essence of what Abraham is trying to teach us and, unfortunally, it's hard for us to get it sometimes. It took me years and a lot of struggle to get to "let go" of "reality", but I am finally able to understand this and, what is more important, to really feel it. What is hard about this, in the beginning, is that we are taught this kind of experience is only "escapism"...

(04 Mar '17, 09:12) VitoriaRegia

@cmc, (cont.) ... I mean: people tell you things like: "You are living in a fantasy world" or "get real!". Once you transcend this kind of conditioning, you really can be, and do, and have everything you want. Every thing is "thought" first; but as you live that life in your mind first, it really manifests - everybody has one story or another of manifestation to tell. Otherwise, we would not be here, we would not keep the faith.

(04 Mar '17, 09:18) VitoriaRegia

Thank you very much, @VitoriaRegia! Your comment really boosted my own experience of letting go of the conditioning and came back to me as a great positive reinforcement in areas where I can further apply it to my own life.

(04 Mar '17, 19:07) cmc

@cmc, Nice to know that :)

(05 Mar '17, 10:06) VitoriaRegia

@VitoriaRegia Absolutely!

(05 Mar '17, 11:33) cmc
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