Abraham-Hicks takes about the nature of the Vortex very often. Yet, I was just thinking that the center of a Vortex is like the eye of a tornado. In the edges is chaos and energy, but once a person gets to the very center of a spinning object there is a stillness.

Has Abraham ever talked about the very center of a Vortex? What can we learn from the Vortex?

I realize that orginally Abraham used the term 'Upstream' vs 'Downstream' thought. This again is another very nature based concept that can be understood very simply. We can all picture letting the current gently carry us downsteam as we float effortlessly on the top. (I am a good floater.)

On a side note I was looking up the origan of the use of the word 'Abundance.' It origanated in the 14th centery and the best of my understanding of Old English it was associated with when a river swells and overflows its banks. So abundance was connected with an overflow especially of water. It still meant much like it does today, but was understood by a metaphor of nature.

Due to some misunderstanding about the metaphor of Upstream/Downstream Abraham switched to the use of the concept of a Vortex. Again this is something seen in nature when wind starts to circle and pick up leaves or dust. A few of us have even seen the huge Vortex that is a tornado. We have likely all seen the Vortex as water goes down a drain.

Vortex VOR'TEX, noun plural vortices (1828 Webster Defination) or vortexes. [Latin from verto.]

  1. A whirlpool; a whirling or circular motion of water, forming a kind of cavity in the center of the circle, and in some instances, drawing in water or absorbing other things.

  2. A whirling of the air; a whirlwind.

  3. In the Cartesian system, the circular motion originally impressed on the particles of matter, carrying them around their own axes, and around a common center. By means of these vortices. Descartes attempted to account for the formation of the universe.

The current definition appears to be simpler, but about the same. Yet now it is also connected with Black Holes. Now that I am thinking about Space, one could picture the Sun being the center of the Vortex which is the Solar System and the Milky Way seems to imitate a Vortex as well.

Drawn into my mind is the phrase "She thinks the world revolves around her." Which when I heard it first used in Elementry or Middle School it was intended as an insult of another student.

By understanding what a vortex is and seeing its examples in nature, does this convey a deeper understanding of the nature of Abraham's Vortex?

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Hi @Igot7 ... talking of black holes I reckon they're somewhere between the smallest and the largest possible piece of physical matter that can exist, at the place from which the two forces yin/yang are born symbolized by negative green

(23 Jun '20, 02:55) jaz

the whole of nature helps us understand because nature lives in the now,in the vortex, a tree just is; humans are capable of creating emotional and mental blockages

(24 Jun '20, 03:27) jaz
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Abraham's Vortex analogy is just that ...an analogy.

And the problem with all analogies is that they are only an approximation of the real thing...otherwise they would actually be the real thing :)

The idea of using the word Vortex is just to convey an idea of something swirling around, ever changing, but still having a static sense of existence to it.

If you push any analogy too far, it breaks down. For example in this case, in physical reality, vortices have central areas of calm but with the Abraham analogy, it's actually the outer part of the Vortex that is calm :)

The Vortex analogy is really hinting at the harmonization/blending of the Higher/Lower Self.

As long as you get the idea of the Vortex being a special vibrational place that is always there waiting for you and contains a swirling ever-changing mass of everything-you-want, you're probably getting the gist of what they are trying to convey with this particular analogy.


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My primary state is calm/peace. There are of course some elevations and dips. I enjoy things from a calm space. I look at the world around me and record. 'I like pizza...' my stomach decided to add that last bit. I was pondering what to say next and the thought 'I like pizza' entered my mind. Perhaps tomorrow I will go to Pielogy after my writing study. Anyway, it takes an awful lot to get me into the elation state. Honestly, in over 10 years I only recall being there once.

(26 Aug '17, 22:15) Igot7

@Igot7 - "it takes an awful lot to get me into the elation state" - That's a pretty clear and definite statement of belief :) If you ever decided to let go of it, you could reach that "elation state" in 10 minutes. Nothing wrong with calm/peace though, it's just that people generally like living life in the fast lane :)

(27 Aug '17, 14:20) Stingray

Going against the "flow" feels like pushing a boulder uphill. When and if I get to feeling that way, I know that I am not "flowing in the vortex" (to mix metaphors). I have not been able to maintain this feeling, or response, for great periods of time-say, a week. But I have tried for years to keep practicing and I am learning to return to center more easily and more often.

Nature can heal me and put me into flow faster than just about anything else external... and I need external help these days, as I am in incredible bodily stress (pain). Nature is underpinned with mathematics, and sacred geometrical forms. Unfortunately, there is not much peace at the center of a tornado; the low pressure there is so low that it causes houses to explode. Perhaps "the eye of a hurricane" would be better as a metaphor, but with a powerful hurricane like Katrina, the eye is so small that before you can catch your breath, the storm is battering you again, only from the opposite direction... I digress. My point is that we can find peace on nature, and ground and reconnect, but nature can also be crazy and unpredictable, too. If we watch nature, we start to see how life mirrors nature- it can be peaceful, calm, lovely; it can also come along, blow up your house, and blast your interior wiring with electricity.

I mentioned geometry. The spiral is everywhere, from inside your ear to the design of pinnate leaves on a branch. God must truly be a mathematician...(I know, I know- most of you do not believe in God, so please substitute what works for you...) The formulae in nature show us the regularity and symmetry of the natural world, and point us to ways to stay in "flow". Ride out the storms. Design your life to ebb and flow- rest and action, like the tide. We evolved here on Earth, and we are not separate from nature; we are part of the whole package. Find your niche, your bliss, and live there.

Abundance was what the Nile was to the Egyptians- its regular flooding fertilized the whole valley for farming. Bliss was, for centuries, a good crop.

I hope this starts a discussion; I may return to add more in response to any thoughts you may have.



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