I get it that i need to manifest small things build up my confidence and then move onto something that i regard 'big' right now in this moment. Any sugestions how to go about it? I have tried with finding money on ground in parking lots etc, feathers, saets on public transport, what else could i do in the begining?

just one thing though, right now am not in position to invest in any system or book, nothing so just some ideas i could use would be great.

How about manifesting ideas to implimenting from the gurus here on IQ?

Thanks to all of you for helping me!

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It's a great pleasure to welcome you to a site filled with magic and wonder. Here on IQ, it's very likely you'll come across some mind-blowing things you've never dreamed possible before, and you'll discover ways of life people live by that are very unorthodox to contemporary society.

One piece of advise to take: If it gets too much, or you get too confused, or you even get a little sad or gloomy finding things out which puzzle you even more, the solution is to STOP. Take a break from the website for a week or even a few months, then come back.

Being so new to manifesting (I assume), you probably want to learn all the kinks and mechanics behind how things work, and why things work. I myself used to be like that, and I suppose I still am, but just not as hungry or thrilled by things as such these days.

How's this to start off >>> Get yourself lost and entangled in the previous questions in this website and get yourself reading and rating things. Start by searching in the task bar for totally random things- you will be pleasantly shocked by what you find.

Eventually you'll come to accept that there really isn't much difference between manifesting things and maintaining a state of happiness. If you do a google or youtube search on "manifesting," sure, you may come up with some nice pieces of info...Personally I believe you'll just get drawn into idiodic promising self-help leaders wanting you to "sign up to learn the secrets of life." You're better off doing a google search on "ways to get happy."

Alas, I actually will give you a way to prove the Law of Attraction.

Emotional Observation- Proving The Law of Attraction ALWAYS Works

Sure you can test LOA via manifesting small, petty things. I personally just ended up in near rage frustration when I couldn't succeed at the little games I gave myself, such as finding coins. Here is an equally truthful way of gaining confidence in LOA.

How do you feel right now? Ask yourself this question 3-4 times in the day. If you are feeling negative, you watch as your day and future events match that specific negative feeling. Likewise, if you're feeling good, you watch how your world magically seems to alter to give you more and more things that amplify that feeling.

It's like a boomerang- you 'throw' an emotion, LOA will 'come back' with physical events, circumstances and behaviours of people that all will be identical or similar to the original emotion you 'threw out there.'

That's it.

And here's another trick I use now, and it never fails for me: next time you have a question, instead of just going to the "ask question" box and asking us all, do this instead (though you are more than welcome to ask any questions): Wait until you are feeling really, really good...Then Google search your question for information...You will find the answer very rapidly with success.

Once you see how effective that works, feel free to start getting cocky: Ask a question, get really happy, put some related context search into google, and click on the "I'm feeling lucky" button for the search for a seemingly random website to give you the answer...Try it out :)

This seemingly random stuff is you just utilising the Law of Attraction. Have fun with it :)


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I would agree that if it gets too much you better stop. But who would I be then, advising something else than what I actually did myself. As I didn't stop and got crazy and desperate instead from all that info and thoughts from here. So I can only share what I know, it's very "dark" and suicidal place. It strips everything of its meaning and leaves it naked. But in return it will teach you about meanings and opinions and a lot about everyone's reality.So stop or not,either way you'll learn&grow.

(11 Jul '12, 03:55) CalonLan

@Nikulas - Great points :) @dreamersmiles - A lot of the information on this site can probably turn your world upside down if you are new to it. I had many years of studying and understanding basic spiritual/mystical ideas before encountering many of these Reality Creation topics so it was a natural next step for me. But I can imagine the ideas here can "overload" you (and your current belief systems) when starting out so definitely follow the advice here about taking breaks when you need them

(11 Jul '12, 05:02) Stingray

Hi Nikulas, thank you so much for this wonderful answer. the trick about manifesting emotions seems to working. :). and i am not feeling overwhelmed yet, so micght stick around for a while longer. I appreciate your concern and promise would take a break when i need to. for now i am feeling great basking in this knowledge and the companies of great minds. :)

(14 Jul '12, 04:28) dreamersmiles

Mr. Stingray, thank you so mcuh for the advise, i would take breaks when i feel necessary, for now am feeling great being here. i especially love the answers you provide here, very uplifting and you have this uncanny ability to custom the answer to the need of the 'asker'. as if you intutivey know what exactly would strike a cord for them. I feel so blessed to be on IQ and having access to all these wonderful things. i have been looking out for things like this for a long time, but.....

(14 Jul '12, 04:32) dreamersmiles

never found anything that made me feel so good. thanks for being such a kind teacher :)

(14 Jul '12, 04:33) dreamersmiles
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Hi @dreamersmiles welcome to IQ:) Great many teachers here and all the information, education and entertainment you'd want:)

I'll tell you how it has worked for me. And how fast it has worked. Also, since you have asked this in comments section here: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/53693/life-is-good-with-too-many-choices-what-should-i-do-next ..your question here is similar, so I thought I'll post the answer here. But please understand that this is my personal way I have realized how it is working for myself and may not apply to everyone:)

a) When I accidentally came to IQ, I was already in a good place, generally in life. I think this made the biggest difference. Unknowingly to me, my approach became that of 'just fine-tuning' whatever I was doing (not realizing that I was generally already doing things to stay positive). This put me in a position of simply allowing or receiving:)

b) After I posted this, my first question on IQ, this one: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/52163/i-feel-that-everything-comes-undone-during-the-last-mile-execution-what-am-i-missing-in-my-efforts-to-manifest-things and Knowing my personality of over-analyzing everything, I simply deduced that 'feeling good' is my goal for living my life. Once, this really resonated with me, I didn't venture to try all methods/processes etc but just stuck to Manifestation Box and sometimes EFT and regular meditation. That's just my personal strategy:)

c) Since whatever I was doing was really working, meaning I was getting physical signs of it working, I just stayed with whatever I was doing instead of keep trying different methods. And I read all of them here, I bookmark the ones I think I may need, but I do not apply them. It doesn't mean I am opposed to other methods or they do not work, it's just that, I am not jumping into them right-left-center. I gave good amount of time for what methods I was doing before deciding either way. Luckily for me they just seemed to have clicked (this, I think, is because I came into this whole thing of LOA/Manifestations with an intent of making it work OR with a belief that it works. Almost childlike. It's like when you tell a child not to put their hand in fire, they listen, they don't know the physics/chemistry of it or keep trying to see if it really would burn them. FAITH, I think works for me. So, when the 'feeling good' part clicked with me, I just ran with it:).On the other hand, in future, if I FEEL that these methods are NOT working for me anytime, I will selfishly embrace other methods:)

c) Most important thing I realized during last 2 months or so I have been on IQ is that, most of us (including me) do not know what we want. I mean really want. Wanting a new pair of jeans is not an end in itself, it is how you'd feel wearing them is what you are really going after. So I just jump to that feeling while asking for manifestation.

We think we want one thing that'll make us happy or keep us in 'feeling good' place, but when you break it down, it's not that 'thing' --that physical thing-- which will keep you in a 'good place', it is something else. THAT SOMETHING else is what you must identify for yourself. For me, I realized that I must get off the 'mouse wheel', off 'spinning the wheel' in my professional work. I identified that through my professional ups and downs, my feelings (about my over-all life) were changing accordingly and so by focusing on just 'feeling good', I kind of neutralized which way my professional life was going. I cannot emphasize here how it changed my life...

d) I suddenly realized that I wanted to be the 'best friend' instead of looking for one. I wanted to be the 'loving' husband instead of trying to make my wife more loving towards me. I wanted to be the 'affectionate, dependable' son rather than being a dismissive one. I wanted to be a wholesome human being --- something I had never even considered for myself before -- It really is a liberating feeling. Not only I am in the audience watching me play me in the play of my life, I am prompting myself on that stage to do things, make different choices, live life:) DETACHMENT

e) Which leads me into the extreme sports analogy which @Stingray has mentioned before (I can't seem to locate the link now). So, I still am doing what I was doing two months ago, but I am doing it from a different perspective, the destination of doing anything is irrespective of that thing's outcome as long as the journey provides me the 'feeling good' part. The start, the journey, the destination and beyond is just 'feeling good':) I simply don't do (thought wise and action wise) anything that'll not make me feel good. You wouldn't believe how much baggage I have dropped by just shifting this perspective. CLARITY

So, I still ask questions here regarding my professional work, but, it is more from an angle of playing a game OR a stage play. Whatever happens in the game or in the play, after its over, when the curtains fall, I just get up (as a player or from the audience)and remain unchanged, unchanged, default way is that of always 'feeling good'

Hope sharing my experience helps it somewhat:)


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"I suddenly realized that I wanted to be the 'best friend' instead of looking for one. I wanted to be the 'loving' husband instead of trying to make my wife more loving towards me. I wanted to be the 'affectionate, dependable' son rather than being a dismissive one."

If you want more love in your life, give out more love!

(15 Jul '12, 05:09) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill, amazing isn't it that one must learn these simple lessons themselves. Everyone has their own journey. I am grateful that I have some clarity now on my own feelings:)

(15 Jul '12, 09:15) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville - We tend to 'overthink'. This is simpler than we realize(d). We are realizing that cause and effect are still very much connected, but in ways we did not discern, before.

(15 Jul '12, 09:30) Dollar Bill

Xoomville, thank you som much for the answer and telling me about your own experiences and path you follow, very encouraging. Hope i find the things that click for me pretty soon. :).

(16 Jul '12, 01:20) dreamersmiles

@dreamersmiles, you are welcome, glad it helped:)

(16 Jul '12, 03:01) Xoomaville

"... the extreme sports analogy which @Stingray has mentioned before (I can't seem to locate the link now).": http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/1779/are-we-all-extreme-attractors

(17 Jul '12, 11:44) Grace

@Grace, there it is...thanks Grace

(18 Jul '12, 00:21) Xoomaville

Xoomaville thank you , i have tried all sorts of process's and reading your post lead me to the realisation , that we overcomplicate things , I do believe Abraham says , its doesn't get any simplier , just "Feel Good" . Yesterday was in a great feeling place and everything rolled along lovely , even given cash from an unexpected source , I think I am just gonna go in the Xoomaflow from here on in .....Love and Light from Miss Starlight ;-)

(18 Jul '12, 01:03) Starlight

@Starlight, I am glad it helped dear:) Cha-ching!!!:)) cash is always welcome:) I have the same problem of over-analyzing things, one of the best ways I tackle that is to come here and blabber away my thoughts and they're outta my system. I use IQ not only to know how to feel good, I use it to actually feel good:) Keep it fun, do it because its fun, pleasurable and because it makes you feel good. Whatever you are seeking, take your eye off of it and voila, it starts coming your way:)

(18 Jul '12, 23:46) Xoomaville

@Starlight, It really makes me feel good to see you feeling good. It feeds my positivity! Honestly:) And in circles it goes and thats how it flows:)

And best part, longer you do it, easier it gets. Until one day it becomes a way of life:)

(18 Jul '12, 23:47) Xoomaville

Xooma .... I really like being part of the LOVE and LAUGHTER Contagion ;-) Let's all throw more Happiness Boomerangs !

(19 Jul '12, 00:14) Starlight
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Read Manifesting Experiment Guide Contains all you need, no cost. Pick the one or two that fit your situation best and follow the instructions, but stay within the Guide. @Stingray is a great teacher with a powerful ability to design and implement very clear and effective systems.

Your mind may want to find the reasons behind Why it works, or How it works, focus on the fact that it DOES work, any of these "Experiments" you will find in the Guide. There is a seamless totality in these techniques.

It is not necessary for you to find conscious mind reasons as to why it works, or if there is a better faster way. I consider these distractions from using these techniques.

You don't need to study the history of the automobile, delve into the physics behind the internal combustion engine, the modern electronics, understand the effects on Newtonian Laws of Motion, the coefficients of frictional drag in brake systems. You don't need to get in a couple of dozen cars, buy one and immediately trade it for another.

I think that you can see it would be detrimental to your progress to try out a huge variety of different cars until you know the basics of how to drive.

You need to understand and apply basic principles. Learn the basics of driving a car. Once you have the basics, you can drive any car. But if you spend your time hopping from one car to another, or one spiritual path to another, or one guru to another, you will slow your progress.

The same here. You can find an incredible variety of "cars" on this site. @Stingray has boiled down the basics and given clear, easy to follow instructions. Though I use the term, "Basics", I find that these techniques, if you put your head down and apply them for 30 days, do contain, not only the basics, but also the most advanced techniques I have seen in over 40 years of active study.

You have expressed the desire.

You have consciously put your foot on the Path.

Now focus the Spotlight of Your Attention on using

For 30 days, make a decision to apply these techniques. Don't look at any others. You have your Answer. Apply it consciously for 30 days and you will see dramatic results. Make the steps a habit. Make the steps a habit. It takes 30 days of daily practice to make a habit.

You are now challenging your past belief systems. You are creating new, more empowering systems that can serve you for the rest of your life. So am I, so are all the other people here. Motivation + Habit = Effective change.

Use IQ for specific questions and encouragement. BUT STAY WITH THE TECHNIQUE you have chosen!

Take it on faith (at least for 30 days) that this will work, that this will transform your life, that this will give you the happiness you crave. It is free. You have nothing to lose. You have a lot to gain.


answered 12 Jul '12, 06:56

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Dollar Bill

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Mr.Dollar Bill, thank you so much for uplifting answer. made me feel really good. I agree, Mr. Stingray is great teacher and his experiments are so smooth and uplifting. I must add your answers also resonate with me and i have gained some useful insights from your answers. I read your process of changing some subconcious patterns, i am going to try it soon. its cool to get a change without having to bother how it comes about. thanks so much!!

(14 Jul '12, 04:37) dreamersmiles

This answer is in response to some "why" questions others have asked. It is too long for a comment, yet does really not adress issues in my first answer. I was going to edit and add this to my first answer, but it did not seem to fit.

I am very interested in dog 'pack behavior'. You may see a tiny chihuahua tugging at the leash and barking at everything while the the owner, and perhaps a few other much bigger dogs tag along behind. The owner and bigger dogs would be a lot more effective at protecting the pack

But the chihuahua thinks that HE must be the leader, protecting, warning, guiding -- the lonely and ineffective (if serious danger threatens) pack leader. Why? Because he does not trust the rest of the pack to keep order and thinks he must shoulder the burden of leadership, alone.

This is not a happy dog. He feels monumental stress. He feels that he, alone, is the sole reason the pack is intact. He feels he must constantly be on guard if the organism is to survive.

The conscious mind is like that. We were born into a knowing, a connection with Source. That connection became 'pinched off' as we aged. Now we are seeking to re-establish that connection. In our 'pinched off-ed-ness', we felt that lack of integration and that led us into struggle mode -- into feeling that we need to keep a tight rein on the 'personal pack' that is our personality.

As we look to integration of our Selves, we have little trust. So we seek many ways of connecting -- we struggle with many ways to connect.

Somewhere we begin to realize that we have succeeded, not EVER because we struggled, though it may have seemed that way at the time. I think that we have succeeded often, because we were so tired, that we let go and allowed success.

And we may have developed a mistrust of our feelings. Thinking is more complicated than feeling. But, now we are understanding that feeling and thinking are both important, but the integration is what we are wanting. And the integration is what we are doing!

(15 Jul '12, 09:59) Dollar Bill
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