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Chasing alignment I passed with an incredible formula by Abraham When you are negative, helplessly negative, no big deal! It can be resolve. The formula of alignment says:

Going from specifically negative to being generally negative then generally positive ending by specifically positive= alignment comes= good feeling comes= manifestations occurs.

Here is an illustration regarding business, the manifestation I am working on, and any other example fits.

Specifically negative: This contract is hard, some details about it are beyond my ability, he is better than me, the boss are no longer trusting me, I am feeling so bad= specific negative, specific about details and feelings.

Generally negative: business world is unhealthy globally, economy is shaking, the whole world is suffering, feeling less bad, general about details in addition to feelings.

Generally positive: economic states are getting better, news are good, I am feeling better= generally positive.

Specifically positive: this contract is finding its paths, the customer is cooperating, its principles and conditions are supportive, we are getting results here, feeling so GOOD=specifically positive.

Abraham focuses a lot about generality and specificity to get certain feelings and release resistance.

On the hand about alignment ,being aligned overnight is provoking to the senses; since it shall demand efforts they can’t offer such when the muscle inside your feet is contradicting and you are intending to make sports then you are asking the muscle to perform an effort it can’t provide.

Gaining alignment within instructions, within more time and within fun steps is more releasing and more comforting spiritual. Relaxing the muscle, making some physical exercises and when it is ready to run it will.

What you think?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

It is beneficial right? I didn't catch it up here before huge thanks to the link

(22 Nov '12, 05:23) r0la

@rula I think it is a great technique to use when you are really in a rut of focused negative thought/feeling.

(22 Nov '12, 05:34) Catherine

@Catherine, It is transfer through feelings to feel the right one by focus and practice so the right one will be fixed, it create permanent and not temporarily feelings, and yes it is when you are helpless negative focusing

(22 Nov '12, 09:27) r0la
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Perpetuated by want of bliss which has blinded you, twisted ways you travel.

You don't put a poop in the middle of your room and then try to find ways to justify its placement and re-construct uncomfortable feeling of the act you down within are not aligned with into a more pleasing state using various techniques, do you?

Then why would you do so with more sophisticated cases?

Both, negative and positive reactions come as a response to certain stimuli. And while deeper examination of each act might be needed to find the true nature of reasons which perpetuate your life, I'd suggest you follow it.

Ultimately, every soul seems to be seeking a form of expression. The one that fits perfectly the soul itself. This guy wants to grow flowers and that guy wants to draw pictures, the other would love to tell everyone about beauty of it all through poems, but they all sit in the office boxes from 9 to 5 instead. From time to time expressing glimpses of their desires, merely touching forms of that which they ought to be.

Try all the techniques you please, but in the end sitting on hot coal will burn your ass, no matter what you tell yourself.


answered 22 Nov '12, 06:06

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@CalonLan - Good to see you back! Not sure what you mean here though. The technique Ruta describes sounds pretty reasonable to me - you spiral in from specifically bad to non specifically bad to non specifically good. This is a better place to be than specifically bad. You don't have access to just jump straight to specifically good when you have been focused for a while on specifically bad. Pulsing the feeling of what you want is the ideal but this technique is a great way to bridge.

(22 Nov '12, 06:37) Catherine

@Catherine, technique is alright, but the very concept of needing one is foreign to me.Why have a technique like this, wouldn't hot bubbly bath, piece of chocolate,a glass of champagne do the job ? And while it could be one of those "techniques" to alter whatever state you're in,it could just as well be the way of being instead.

It's like people going on vacation. Most of them go abroad to "relax", "get away", "escape" their current situation. It's their technique to fix themselves..for a while

(22 Nov '12, 07:20) CalonLan

...but they constantly have to go on holidays. Keep on escaping and returning back to the rut they ran away from for a while. If you don't like where you are, move for good to where you like to be....Because going on holidays is only a way to justify staying in that rut. Just like any technique, it makes you stay in the sh*thole, while giving you bits of runaway pleasure. It's just absurd.

(22 Nov '12, 07:24) CalonLan

@Calon Lan A hot bubble bath, champagne and chocolate can sometimes do the trick but just as most of us can't stay on holiday for ever or stay in a bubble bath forever then the "fix" is temporary whereas moving your thoughts to something even a little bit better is something you can do under any circumstances. Once you stabilise in that frequency then you can build on it and thus change your habitual state of being .... I know you know all this by the way!

(22 Nov '12, 07:33) Catherine

@Catherine, I know. It's just that I thought I'd shed some light on what's it like when the dwell is empty. I too were pulling pail after pail full of water, but eventually it emptied and then it hit me.

What I mean, I too were into whatever way and whatnot technique that came across my way, and when you see the nature of them all is same, existential depression hit you, just like it hit me. And when the whole existence depresses you, that's like the ultimate depression of them all....

(22 Nov '12, 07:51) CalonLan

....The point was, you don't need to be pulling up those pails, those ways or techniques, they are there just to keep you busy.

Because everything is ultimately an act of expression. You want to express yourself in some way. And it's already available. I'm not speaking metaphysics now, nor manifestation stuff. The very act of expression you desire is readily available. But the problems are created because people don't take time to recognize what their act of expression is....

(22 Nov '12, 07:53) CalonLan

.I can just say,find your form.You may be typing on a computer,but perhaps you want to vocalize yourself,or it does you more pleasure to find your expression in drawing.And if you're working in an office,and are longing to draw,a paper and a pencil will suffice.But it's direct accessing to the very raw form of expression you long for,without any sort of technique.(Pick up pencil and paper is the technique?)Just do it,don't search for ways on "how to do it".You want vocalize,just open your mouth.

(22 Nov '12, 07:58) CalonLan

@CalonLan, your words make a lot of sense even I still hope you enjoy this process as we do, Feeling good doesn't need a technique you are right when you want to feel good just feel good.

Now this process is when you are helpless negative, face it and slope through feelings from one to other ease and smooth to be convincible to yourself since to just feel right is a huge vibrational jump to the mind as well as spirit and does cause depression since it cann't be done to them all at once.

(22 Nov '12, 09:23) r0la

So this processes and it grading through feelings is meant to heal them not just drug to gain temporary good attitude.

Abraham explain much better in below

Abraham-Hicks: Alignment & manifestation, an in depth explanation

(22 Nov '12, 09:23) r0la

@r0la, Being helpless negative seems like a subtle point that ought to be addresses as well. Usually people feel helpless negative about some certain thing. Job, family, health, finances etc.. My language limitation don't allow me to transform my thoughts into the words eloquently enough, but I wished everyone went through actual "existential" depression. When all that is makes you feel helpless negative, things take a different spin. Suddenly you can't get depressed b/c of your job, or family..

(22 Nov '12, 09:51) CalonLan have now moved to the highest plane of it all. So to get depressed about your debts seems like a joke, if you're depressed about the whole existence. Nevertheless, it makes you see things on much bigger scale overlooking all those petty things you used to worry about earlier.

I guess following words express the paradigm within which I have been thrown by this experience: "By my every act I desire to die. And through all I do I want to earn the privilege of death"

(22 Nov '12, 09:56) CalonLan
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