Firstly, I would just like to thank you all for this wonderful web community. I have derived many hours of pleasure learning from you all. I particularly love to hear all your success stories! Stingray, in particular, I get so much joy from knowing that you use this powerful law to make your life so happy and free. You're an inspiration. There are so many of you that I follow here and care about greatly.

So to my question....

I should explain that I believe I create 100% of my reality. I am very sure that 'versions' of people in my reality are created by my consciousness, as stated my Bashar.

My father has 'Parkinson's disease' (aka known as negative patterns of thought.) I can see exactly why he collapsed, was diagnozed etc based on my state of mind at the time. I was right at the bottom of the EGS during that time.

To fast forward, I have recently spent a lot of time on focus blocks, visualizing him healthy etc. I think I pushed too hard too fast (driving too fast) because an 'all hell breaking loose' scenario resulted. He was admitted to hospital for a minor health issue and he is very unwell presently.

I have remained calm and balanced throughout his hospital stay. I've even been laughing and feeling happy in the hospital during visits; talking to other patients and nurses being very smiley, which is obviously quite strange from an outsider perspective. I've also been able to see the improvement in my reaction and behaviour with him being hospitalized. When this happened in the past I had a powerless, negative response.

I digress, for about 'two years' now my father has been very weak mentally. He had a defeatist attitude to his illness and didn't fight it at all. He had totally given up. (This is a reflection of my despair at the time too) Prior to the illness, he was very feisty, strong, tall, an alpha male. (The best possible father a girl/woman can have. He was always there for me every single time I needed him then and since his illness I have been the strong one for him and my mother.)

So, today - I'm so sorry for waffling on for so long. I am getting to it now! Today - he is much weaker physically since he was hospitalized - but today, for the first time, since prior to the diagnosis he was like his old self, like he is in the photos I've been using to visualize. For short spells, between 5 mins and half an hour, it was like he was the dad I had before the illness. He was loud and confident with an 'I'm the head of the house not some sick person' attitude again. It was very, very strange, like he was sifting through his / my consciousness to times when he was healthy.

Are these moments vibrational matches? I usually get vibrational matches in the form of words/pictures, a TV advertisement that catches my eye, for example. This was a physical moment of NOW where he touched back to a state that I want to manifest permanently.

Should I continue with the visualizing, even though it resulted in an 'all hell breaking loose' situation or should I now let go?

Also, something else that is new today is everyone I come into contact with is complimenting me, this is a very large increase. On a typical day, strangers compliment me say four times a day. Today, every single stranger I met said something complimentary to me. "You're very beautiful" "I really love your hair" "I love your style" and on and on. I would say, twenty people in total. Does that mean something in relation to my vibration, because I haven't been focusing on manifesting more beauty or anything like that?

Thank you for reading this far. I look forward to hearing from you all and I wish you all nothing but the very best in life! Thank you so much for being here.

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Are these moments vibrational matches?

Yes, absolutely they are vibrational matches.

The thing is that there is no such thing as a vibrational match other than what you decide one is. And, for that matter, there is no such thing as a physical manifestation either other than what you decide one is.

Manifestations (and vibrational matches are just mini-manifestations) are all a matter of personal perspective.

To illustrate, take a trivial example...let's say I decide to manifest a sunny day tomorrow.

At what point can I class tomorrow as officially a manifestation of a sunny day?

Sunny Day

  • Does half a day of cloud blocking the sun mean it wasn't a sunny day? Some people might say so.
  • Does one hour of cloud blocking the sun mean it wasn't a sunny day? Some people might say so.
  • Does one minute of cloud blocking the sun mean it wasn't a sunny day? Some people might say so.
  • In fact, if it's sunny outside and I sit indoors in the dark, is it really a manifestation of a sunny day for me?

It doesn't really matter how specific one becomes with defining what a manifestation should be, there will always be those with different perspectives about when it has occurred. For example if someone asks me to manifest $1,000 tomorrow out of nothing, and I go and get it by robbing a bank, is that not a manifestation? To some it might be, to others it might not be. (In fact, the entire human-created legal system exists due to the variance of personal perspectives)

Hope I'm getting the point across.

A vibrational match (or a manifestation) is ultimately whatever you decide it is...and I understand this might be a highly un-satisfying thing to say to anyone who believes that there really is an objective reality out there in the physical world apart from the one we create with the filter of our minds.

Now getting to the point - I do like to have a point occasionally :) ...

If a vibrational match is really whatever you decide it is, then why not choose anything good-feeling that you observe, anything at all, and just focus your attention fully on it. Then just milk it to bring more matches to that good feeling into your reality.

Now let's take this idea one step further. Why even wait for your current physical reality to give you something good-feeling to observe?

Why not just create a good-feeling vibrational match within pictures in your mind and just observe those mental pictures and then just milk the good-feelings from them? Wouldn't that also start to attract even more vibrational matches to that good feeling into your reality?

Hmmm...sounds like it might :)

So let's give a name to this process of creating good-feeling vibrational matches in advance to observe.

I know...let's call it Creative Visualization :)

So now when you are asking if you should continue with visualizing what you want, I hope you are now clearer on exactly what you are really doing. Visualization is just observing vibrational matches in the future, while traditional vibrational-match-hunting is just observing them in the past.

Either way, it's all about keeping your Now focus firmly on good-feeling things.

As for whether you should allow a "all-hell-breaking-loose experience" to stop you focusing on good-feeling things...well, consider what the alternative has to be...and that is to basically feel not-good.

Since everything we want in life is because we want to feel good, I'd always say that it's worth putting up with the inconvenience of relatively temporary vibrational adjustments (a "all-hell-breaking-loose" experience) for the relatively permanent joyful life experience that comes beyond.

Finally, I do know your question is motivated by your desire for your father to be himself again but does that mean if he decides not to be (we can't ultimately control the choices of others) then are you not going to allow yourself to continue feeling good?

When one gives up relying on needing physical reality to be a certain way in order to be happy, one attains true personal freedom and, ironically, that attitude must also bring about a physical reality to match it ... but, admittedly, only for a while :)

Oh, and remember it's always sunny above the clouds :)


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Thank you Stingray! This has really helped me a lot. I particularly love: 'Visualization is just observing vibrational matches in the future, while traditional vibrational-match-hunting is just observing them in the past. Either way, it's all about keeping your Now focus firmly on good-feeling things.' I can keep visualizing for the fun of it, because it improves my feelings, just as meditating does. :) As I am improving my feelings towards my dad he is matching them. Wow! Thank you, thank you!

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