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Hey guys. I have always been a lurker here, but I had to come out of the dark to say this website has changed my entire attitude to life. I can't wait for my reality to catch up with all the changes going on inside me right now. Thank you to everyone who contributes here.

I had an epiphany last week and I am feeling inspired to share it. I honestly think this will change my whole life and that it came at exactly the right time for me. If I had come across the technique a few months ago I would not have been ready.

This technique isn't anything new, the results are exactly what Stingray has allowed with his techniques and has repeated in hundreds of his answers. This just feels like a slower and steadier way to approach it.

What has been working for me is instead of trying to jump to the better feeling emotions, sit in the lower emotions for a while. Wallow in them. Roll around in them, let them posses you. The feelings are uncomfortable but it actually brings a general feeling of relief. I am at anger now and I am wallowing, but because I know there is a steady process to it I am okay with the anger being there. I am at peace with it, knowing I will be moving to something different tomorrow or a few days (or weeks?) from now.

I wondered why things weren't working for me when I was trying focus blocks and wheels but I wasn't really feeling it and believing it and I was trying to go too fast, being the impatient person that I am. I would think positive thoughts but I was truly, when I got really honest with myself, vibrating somewhere much lower (fear and depression!).

As you move up, it doesn't mean you can't ever feel the lower emotions anymore, but you are habitually vibrating somewhere else, 95% of the time.

I'll repeat that I am aware that this isn't anything new, this has all been said here before many times. But when it really starts to click, you feel as though you want to share it with the world. Maybe this will help someone else who was slapping band-aids on their true feelings. Basically its about taking a good hard look at yourself and being really brutally honest, rather than 'slapping the happy sticker on the empty gas tank' as Abraham says.

It's finally starting to fall into place for me!

asked 15 Jun '14, 22:01

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Yay...good for and light...

(15 Jun '14, 22:27) Roy

@Bluebell - Welcome to IQ. Nice post :)

(16 Jun '14, 02:04) Stingray

@Roy Thanks Roy! @Stingray Thanks Stingray! I have been such a fan of your processes for so many months now it almost feels like getting a reply from a celebrity :)

(16 Jun '14, 02:36) Bluebell

@Bluebell - You're welcome. Only in the bizarre world of the internet could an anonymous person who uses a spreadsheet quite alot be considered a celebrity :)

(16 Jun '14, 04:57) Stingray
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Hi Bluebell,

I'd like to start off by saying that you've put up a very insightful post.

Here are somethings to keep in mind while you are on your journey...

  1. Negative thoughts are like thick glue and take a long time to manifest. Positive thoughts are like a fast moving river and manifest quickly and easily.
  2. Each day is vibrationally linked to the next, so even a tiny amount of feeling good goes a long way.
  3. Try this out while basking in the lower emotions
  4. If you can pull it off, surrender.

The vortex is your natural vibration. It isn't some far off elusive place. It is difficult to feel bad and easy to feel good. You deserve to feel good under any and all conditions :)

As long as you keep your feelings your highest priority, everything will fall into place.


answered 16 Jun '14, 23:43

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Thanks so much for these links @weradiatebeauty can't wait to check them out and see how they apply. Just realised my whole post was referring to quantum jumping. Not so good with the terminology!

(17 Jun '14, 02:09) Bluebell

This has really helped me bluebell. I have been having issues with putting band aids as well. I have realized for instance when i think of someone that hurt me for instance it instantly affects my vibration. I have become so in tune with my thought pattern and always let the thoughts pass by, because no body wants to remain in a hurt and negative vibration. I always watch my thoughts as they disappear and i am in the vortex. I also ensure am still while going through the transition.


answered 16 Jun '14, 13:18

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because no body wants to remain in a hurt and negative vibration. yet how many are going to admit it to them self that they are there. if you hide it from you who are you fooling? better to see the truth about it and break the cycle at least for your self since other have free will just as you have. as long as people hide that from them self they do it to other that eventually do it to them again and it is a cycle of perpetual negative for your self and other. but when someone see the truth-

(17 Jun '14, 00:25) white tiger

he does some change and stop blaming and judging other and finding fault in other to boost is ego since that is easy to find on the outside but not as easy to find on the inside.

(17 Jun '14, 00:28) white tiger

@ukweli I'm glad reading this was positive for you! It's not always an easy thing to face the truth but I think we're both on the right track..

(17 Jun '14, 02:03) Bluebell
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